Trockenblumenstrauß Sarah | trockenblumen-blossom
Trockenblumenstrauß Sarah | trockenblumen-blossom
Trockenblumenstrauß Sarah |  trockenblumen-blossom

Drying bouquet Sarah colorful

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Drying bouquet Sarah

Eternal / stabilized flowers are 100% natural flowerswho were stabilized to to reach their highest beauty. This is the "freeze drying": the fresh flower juice is replaced by a glycerol solution that stops the aging process and freezes the plant. the Petals and leaves stay smooth and keep their natural beauty and color for a very long time (3 to 4 years). In contrast to dried flowers Do not break the stabilized petals and do not bleach. However, you have the advantage that you do not need water, no light and no special care.

Why should you choose them?

100% DECO - Perfect aesthetics 365 days a year, many years, without any restrictions (suitable for dark rooms and all environments)

100% profitable - no maintenance costs: 0% water, 0% light, 0% maintenance

100% sustainable - saves water, fertilizers, pesticides and is the alternative to mass production of plants in greenhouses

Product details:

Please note that color and length can vary slightly as it is a one Natural product acts. With this variety it is quite normal that one or the other stalk is bent. We already get this so delivered and let you with you, as it would be too bad to scratch it away.

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