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What a highlight! This beautiful Dried hydrangea creme is a real eye-catcher to decorate your to house or crafting.

Hydrangea dried cream buy online:

  • Color: cream
  • Length approx. 25-35 cm,
  • Ø about 15-20 cm
  • Price per piece

Note: Since it is a Natural product acts, color and shape may deviate from the product photo.

No matter where you go, The flowers enchant the viewer always with your beauty, and there is no way the Ivory Hortensie Allow alone when it comes to the Hypnotizing beauty this Ivory flower goes. Whenever we have the amazing beauty of this look at beautiful floweris the only thing that comes first in mind first wedding party, correct? Think of one Bridal bouquet and this beautiful ivoryHydrangeaWill appear in your head! But why should one be the enchanting beauty of this Charming ivory hydrangea Only on the Bridal bouquet restrict?

The hydrangea are a plant genus in the family of Hydrangea. Varieties of some of their species are popular ornamental shrubs. The most famous in Central Europe is the Gardening.


Ecologically responsible


We set ourselves for one slow consumption a. Our products are durable, they accompany you over time.

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If you have a fan of one Minimalist and refined wedding ceremony are, then make them Stabilized hydrangea ivory to the heart Of their Wedding day decoration. This dreamy and aesthetically appealing Bouquet the flower Gives an organic feeling to decoration the venue.

From the ancient times were flowers, petals, foliage and many ecological elements a large part of the Ornamental decoration, And in recent times, they recovered their popularity.