Driedflumenstrauss Hasenschwanz | Lagurus old pink

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The old Pink Driedflumenstrauss Lagurus is a beautiful dried flower


His soft, cotton-like Appearance gives your Decorations FINESS AND TARK. These Dried flowerwho also as Lagurus kitten"is known, stands out by their style from the others. They give their arrangements a very natural touch reminiscent of the slopes and their wild grasses. These beautiful flowers are tender and simple. They are the element of lush and finesse in her decoration. In the middle of tables, as small accents in one Floral frame, in one Wreath of dried flowers or as braceletbut also in one Bunch of flowers.

the White nature dried lagurus always this uniqueness to yours ostrich bring through yours Old pinkcolourto bring light and a certain brightness.


Beautiful bouquets of dried bunny tail - Lagurus Ovatus

Of the Haschwanz or Lagurus Ovatus is a funny, hopping grass with a length of 70 to 75 centimeters. Beautifully alone in a vase or in combination with others Dried flowers. We themselves use them very often in Dry brewbecause they are robust and hold long.

Order yours today dried rabbit cock And enjoy it!

Soft as velvet are the flowers of Lagurus, a type of plant, which is therefore also under the name Velvet is known. Dried is Lagurus both for itself and in combination with others Flowers and grasses A very special Eyecatcher, which comes out in stylish vases excellently and adorn every room in a unique way. Subtle pink gives the velvet grass In addition, an irresistibly modern touch.

Our tip: Sprühe the Dried flowers At a distance of around 20 cm with some hair spray, to protect the ears and facilitate the dusts.

Note: Since this article is about one Natural product Acts are lightweight deviations in shape and color possible.

Contents: 1 Bund Lagurus (vase is not included)