Trockenblumenstrauß Eukalyptus | Konservierter Eukalyptus Populus | trockenblumen-blossom
Trockenblumenstrauß Eukalyptus | Konservierter Eukalyptus Populus | trockenblumen-blossom

Drying bouquet Eucalyptus | Preserved Eucalyptus Populus

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Preserved Eucalyptus Populus - 1 Bouquet - Green


If you are a fan of minimalist decoration and gladly decorate your desk or bedside table, then you are exactly right with us! Here in Dried flowers wholesale fromDriedflumen-Blossom Find a large number of Plant a decorative stable, Preserved flowers, Steel leaves, Real immortal roses and even more beautiful dried flowers and stableEco decorationswhose beauty will be in astonishment. Whether you are a nature lover or friends and colleagues want to give a bouquet of flowers, from Miscanthus over stable poplar green to Flower boxes true Eternal roses or even Suits You can buy everything.


Every Eucalyptus plant is unique and yours leaves Or leaves differ in size and shape, which has a real beauty in itself. HereDriedflumen-Blossom you can do one Sturdy Eucalyptus dry bouquet buy for his coin-shaped leaves And his unique scent is known and popular and gives her day shine. In addition, this fascinating Evergreen preservatives EucalyptusGreen Bouquet Even in people in meditation or yoga centers one of the most popular elections, because his Long-lasting aromatic leaves the consumer for months pleasant scent to lend. Many of his coin-shaped leaves are bundled to each Bunch of flowers to give a complete and compact appearance, which is the perfect companion for everyone flower shop power.


Just mix it with the set of Delicate inflorescences and wrap it with Decorative brown paper and you will become a completely unique and Aesthetically appealing bouquet have in the hand.


Ecologically responsible

We set ourselves for one slow consumption a. Our products are durable, they accompany you over time.

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  • Delivery within: 3-5 working days
  • Color green
  • Packing: Ostrich about 150 g
  • Height: 60-70 cm
  • Stabilization technique: absorption