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Driedflumenstrauss Blue | Dried phalaris blue

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End ourDried phalaris in color blue.


Dried phalaris in a rich Blue / Royal Blue. A great basic that yours Dry Flower DIY gives a color chill.

  • Color: Blue / Royal Blue
  • Length about 65 centimeters.


Do the dried flowers always look the same?

No. Drying flowers are natural products And no flower equals the others. They can vary in color, shape and length. The varieties of the individual styles in the set can vary slightly depending on availability.


Our Dried flowers are sent to you in a high-quality folding box, in sufficient length. We attach great importance to a gift feeling when unpacking our products and packing each package with great attention to detail.

How long are the dried flowers?

Since we ship shipping boxes with a length up to 110 cm, you always get the full length of all Dried flowers Delivered. So you can cut all the flowers freely to your wishes or leave them long.

How do I care for my drying flowers right?

* Dried flowers Do not need water and like no damp rooms
* Avoid a very sunny location, so your Dried flowersfade
* Spray yours Dried flowers after receiving with hair spray
* You have Pampasgras ordered? Then there is a careful outdoors to make it nice fluffy.


Ecologically responsible


We set ourselves for one slow consumption a. Our products are durable, they accompany you over time.

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How long are dry flowers durable?

Dried flowers usually see three years of really fresh. With good care - without water and direct sunlight - you can also look gorgeous.