Trockenblumen Scabiosa (Taubenkraut) pro 10 StÀngel | trockenblumen-blossom
Trockenblumen Scabiosa (Taubenkraut) pro 10 StÀngel | trockenblumen-blossom

Driedflumen Scabiosa (pigeon herb) per 10 stalks

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Dried scabiosa or dovecy dried flowers fits in every interior.


Lovely Open balls In a mixture of intense natural colors. They buy them per 10 branches.

Team herb or scabiosa, because the blossoms to a Dove rememberwhose plumage raised. These Flower dries Very good, so you will be in your interior for a long time.

Buy your 10 stalks dried scabiosa with a Length of 50 to 60 Centimeters . Dried pigeon herb or Scabiosa Can be excellent with dried eucalyptus, Craspedia and dried plaster combine. Make your own composition together and enjoy a long time for months.


We set ourselves for one slow consumption a. Our products are durable, they accompany you over time.

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