Ruscus gebleicht | WEISS (5 Stiele) | trockenblumen-blossom

Drying Flowers Ruscus Bleached | White (5 stems)

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Drying Flowers Ruscus Bleached | WHITE


Ruscus bleached is long durable through a special treatment and can therefore be good in Strip Use and is very suitable for use in Decorations or wreaths.

Also remember, a pair of these branches as a solo outer in one Beautiful vase or one Potted.

Long-lasting joy of this beautiful Ruscus branches is guaranteed!

You buy per 5 stalks and the branches have one Length of 50-60 cm.

This Ruscus is something very special - because he is not only incredibly beautiful, with his Delicate leaves - He is also extremely rare. All the proud we are to be able to offer him now.

Product details:

Please note that color and length can vary slightly as it is a natural product.

Length: 50-60cm
Colour: White/ bleached

Example pictures are merely for inspiration. These are photos of customers who could be edited and nothing about the size and Color of dried flowers statement.