Getrockneter Flachs (Linum) pro Bündel | FROST ROSA |  trockenblumen-blossom

DRIED Flowers Flax (Linum) per bundle | FROST ROSA

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Beautiful dryflower bundles of dried flax (linum) | Frost Rosa


How beautiful it is, Bundles of flax, which have been grown for centuries for all sorts of purposes, now in your home, and then even in the color that best fits your facility.Flax is perfectly suited as a filling component inSträußen, but also assingle covenant can be excellently decorated.


Product details:

Please note that color and length can vary slightly, as it is a Natural Product . With this variety it is quite normal that one or the other stalk is bent. We get this already so delivered and let them here too, since it would be too bad they would throw away.

  • Colour: Frost Rosa
  • Length: 45-55cm

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We are committed to a slow consumption . Our products are long-lasting, they accompany you over time.

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