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Dried dried flowers bougainvillea -Drilling Flower - Pink

The Bougainvillea, also Bougainville, Bougainvillée, Bougainvillier or Drilling flower named, is a plant genus, which is the family of the Miracle heard. The 10 to 18 Bougainvillea species are originally from South America

Driedflowers Bougainvillea is a hollowing plant, rare Climbing plants, mostly shrubs or small trees. The shooting ax can be hairless or hairy and is usually covered with thorns.

The alternate stems and leaves are simple, with egg-shaped to elliptic-lancetable leaves. In the side inflorescence are usually only three flowers and three big, conspicuous Dyed blades. The center rib of the egg-shaped cover sheet goes into the stem. Five to ten dust leaves do not protrude from the Flower tube out. Long hairy, somewhat uneven stamens go to each other at the base and broaden there wedge-shaped.


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