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Mini Pampasgras - Dry Flower Stray | 10 stalks

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Mini Pampasgras - 10 Stems - Nature Color


Beautifully cuddly: this Pampasgras Is soft and shiny and its color fluctuates between hazelnut, purple and brown. To the waistband we recommend the sand vaseof glass.

These fluffy pampas Makes very good as Solo outer in a vase or a pot, but can also be very good with all the others Dried flowers be combined.


Dried flowers & Pampasgras: 3 Care Tips

Dried flowers are very easy to care! Here are our 3 Care Tips:

1st place yours Dried flowers On a dry place, e.g. in the living room, in the bedroom or in the office.

2. Avoid direct light because the colors of the flowers are weaker through the sun over time.

3. If dust collects after some time, you can simply make it away by putting cold air from the hair dryer Dried flowers Directional.

Sustainability atDriedflumen-Blossom

Driedflumen-Blossom is a young brand from Karlsruhe and we make it to our mission to celebrate the small moments of life but at the same time act sustainably:

1. Dried flowers: Did you know? Many Dried flowers Are artificially colored or bleached these days. We say no to this trend and use exclusively High-quality & natural dried flowers.

2. Shipping: We use shipping boxes made of recycled paper & send climate-neutral with DHL. If you live in Karlsruhe, you can do yours Dried flowers gladly directly from us in Driedflumen-Blossom Pick up atelier!


There are a thousand and a possibility,PampasgrasTo be nice to look. The easiest way is the stalks as they are in oneXXL vaseto deliver.Pampasgras is drySo no water is needed! If you prefer mixed bouquets, do not hesitate toPampwith othersDried flowersto combine: thistles, eucalyptus, veil herb ... The most creative among them can finally be onewreaththe endPampas herbsor oneFoliagehandcraft. The result is impressive and very aesthetic!