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2 dried bouquet lavender 100 grams per bunch

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Everything you need to know about your bouquet of dried lavender.



Can you hear the sweet singing of the cicadas? Lavender takes us to the south of France! With his color and fragrance he takes us on a journey into the Provence, his fragrance spreads gently in our rooms and perfumes our hearts and thoughts.

lavenderAlso called Lavandula, was already used in the Middle Ages from the Romans to perfume laundry or bath water and has a long story, but never comes out of fashion. If dried or fresh, This flower with your rich history and their diverse virtues will have a place in your house. Combined with veil herb, some thistles and dried craspedia, will dried lavender Enchant the interior of your house and give your tenderness. His Bluish-violet colorWho has always been associated with rare and expensive dyes for their rare and expensive dyes, gives their dining room to their dining and natural touch. These Dried flower Will your Keep and you inner peace and give serenity. An indispensable part of your decor, which makes us all in love with its Provençal side.

Dried lavender will also be an essential element of your land and spring wedding! Whether for yours Bouquet, Your Boutonnieres, yours Wreath or even for your decoration objects, use them pretty dried flowerto yours wedding Unique to make and bring your guests to dream. And why not one Small bouquet of dried lavages hang on every chair? You can even combine it with a refined fairy lights to bring your tables to light up. Imagine you step to the altar with a Beautiful wreath of dried lavender flowers To your head, and this magnificent fragrance accompanies you during the entire ceremony. A pair of dried Lav finish On the napkin of each guest are also a good idea. Follow the trend of dry bouquets and choose lavender and his Fragrance as an ally on her special day.

Tips from our passionate florists: lavender Is the star under the Dried flowers. Your fragrance is very appreciated. as volatile oil, candle, soap or in one bag used, this fulfills Dried flower the air with a soothing and soothing scentMaking desire for a flight. You can use some lav finishes to perfume your input. You can also yourself little bag make you in your wardrobe Hanging and keeping your clothes fresh. And why not in a mason jar for one Vintage Touch? With dried lavender are all kinds of Confected Possible, and you will not get boring. This smart plant not only perfumes your home, but also your infusions with your irresistible aroma. What is there more beautiful than at one good cup of tea on the sofa to sit and about her new Bouquet think? We are sure that you can already see yourself at the Mediterranean coast.


  • 2 bouquets lavender 100 g per bouquet. Length about 40 centimeters. At least 50 lavent branches per bouquet.


The care of your dried lavender stock is a breeze

Our dried lavender Will be carefully during the Flowering time harvestedso that his sweet scent and his colors are preserved. For the dried flowers is No care required. No water is needed for casting. Store your Dried lavender Just in front of the sun, as they could damage his magnificent blue color. Find a place for this in your house. Dried flowers are a lovewho never dies. They can be accompanied by fresh flowers and are fully in trend. Do not hesitate to Dry bouquets With a hairdryer with cold air and minimal speed to dust it, to maintain them well. With this tip, the splendor is restored, as on the first day.

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Our priority is to offer you the best at the best price. Our dried flowers are not just a true eyes, they are also offered at very reasonable prices. Of the Country, bohemian and vintage mind is affordable with an unbeatable price-performance ratio. We know the impatience that sets out when we wait to get our flowers, the desire to integrate them into our decoration and already feel the positive effects of a little green in our daily life.