The world of dried flowers blossom

Driedflumen-Blossom is a brand that our personality reflects:


All designs are unique creations of Driedflumen-Blossomwhich we develop in our Karlsruhe Atelier. We love it,
to combine different colors and new ones Driedflumen ArrangementsTo think out. We inspire us of nature, seasons and create it Sustainable creationswho decorate your home stylish.


It was important to us from the beginning that our creations not only look beautiful, but that sustainable
should. We do not use artificially colored or bleached Dried flowersand only work with natural flowers. We carefully selected all our suppliers. Be it with the natural flowers or in the recycled kraft paper from Germany, everything was included Driedflumen-Blossom Taken the magnifying glass to guarantee you the best quality. We ship all packages climate-neutral and offer the pickup option in Karlsruhe.

(Customers) Service

Customer service is not just a word for us, but is the first place. For all questions about our products and shipping we are there and like to offer solutions!


Driedflumen-Blossom: A flowery joy for yourself or as a gift

We take time to develop our creations in our Karlsruhe Atelier. Long holding Driedflumen bouquets, Flower rings and decoration articles are included in our assortment.

Our prices are fair - at Driedflumen-BlossomThere are rarely actions or discount codes, but we offer beautiful creations that will be appreciated in the long term and will enjoy a long joy.


The story of Diana, founder of Driedflumen-Blossom
"In recent years, I have always become aware of how fast the time seems easy and how important it is to find out for me which values ​​I want to live out in everyday life. I have always been creative but by studying and working life The time for my creative hobbies less and less.

I am the capital single mum of 4 wonderful children, and entrepreneur with passion. In addition to the enterprise of dried flow blossom, which I founded during the pandemic 2020, I have another job, namely as an assistant.

At some point my passion brought me again, combined with the will to move something and towards entrepreneurship to go. My last trip before Lockdown went to Thailand, where there are sizes there marketsDried flowers was.

I found her beautiful and became curious - back home I started over Dried flowers to research. A few months later came Driedflumen-Blossom on the world!"