trockenblumen-blossom- Trockenblumen blossom Trockenblumenstrauß boho Trockenblumenkranze trockenblumenstrauß boho hochzeit  Die Trockenblumen halten ewig. Bei Trockenblumen-Blossom gibt es die größte Auswahl an Trockenblumen und Pampasgras. Trockenblumen
Wir binden Trockenblumensträuße in verschiedenen Formen und Stilrichtungen, damit für jede Deko und jedes Interior das Passende dabei ist

      Flower rain.
      Only a minor matter? On the contrary! Vases are design objectswho stand for themselves and inspire to brave Flower Arrangements from avant-garde until poetic.


      You can definitely determine: never was the Floristry more creative and versatile. It will be with Exotic giant blossoms experimented, artichokes become Bloom, Delicate grasses to natural meadow flowers plugged and lush Bouquets boundin which the Flower.

      This requires more than the All-round vase made of glass. Vases with statement-character, in all Sizes and shapes give the Flower decoration the perfect stop and are also Without flowers decorative residential accessories.

      Made of ceramics: natural living room

      Ceramic vases reflect the trends from the covered table: On the one hand there is rustic potterywho also traces of manual work Show, to another one discovers Graphic patterns and lines.


      That is the Ultimate vintage decorationBeing! We have mimosa Sections dried and she with little ones Palm leaves and Miscanthus in old-fashioned fragrant Soliflores out Recycled glass Combined. A secure value to beautify each table and a decided Retro look to rent.


      Some people collect silk scarves, other stamps or champagne corks. Especially pretty in the interior and beyond also useful diverse Vasenus collection.


      Small tip finally: Vase are not only beautiful, but also practical for Cut flowers. So that flower as long as possible in the Hold a vase, should Each vase be thoroughly cleaned before use. Bacteria and dirt are the Cut flowers Herighter enemy - after the time. Because flower are, as we all know from experience, just a temporary joy. But also beautiful.