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81 products

Dry bouquet

Looking for a Dry bouquet? We have something nice for you, whether Dried flowers for your living room, kitchen or hallway. wanted small gift? Or should it be a long-lasting decorative highlight? Bridal bouquet of dried flowers instead of cut flowers?

We have a Dry bouquet for every occasion on offer. Our Trokenblumen-Blossom Bouquets can also be perfect Bridal bouquet use, that is they are yours Companion for wedding and co. We would be pleased to meet your individual needs. With love from Karlsruhe to you home.

Unbelievable, but true ... You make a comeback! Maybe you've met them on Pinterest or Instagram. wheat, Skabiose, Rhodanthe, lavender, Acroclinium... dried flowers, Which has long been out of fashion, holding back way into our homes and into our daily lives. They are a rich source of inspiration and offer a variety of opportunities for original and trendy creationsThat your home in beautify dacha, bohemian and vintage style.

Great possibilities with my dry bouquets ...

Make room for inspiration, color and the play of textures. dried flowers are small nuggets that you can set the scene when one realizes their potential. Do you dare to be original and decorate your living room, your bedroom and dressing room, your bathroom or your kitchen with ultra feminine Dry brew. dried flowers offer a beautiful range of colors and bring a touch of fantasy in your interior. They inspire us to awaken our curiosity and creativity. the Creations of our florists set the tone for this renewal. By playing with the nuances and reliefs everyone takes the time to Dry bouquetintroduce and manufacture products that will enable the lucky recipient of this delicate attention in amazement. Dry bouquets are perfect as a gift for eternity or as a decoration for your home sweet home and are a must.


... without the risk that they wither


For us, the Dried flowers above all, a love story. We wanted to introduce you to this beautiful world to imagine and beautiful with passion Dry bouquetto create. It's hard not to in this natural flowers to fall in love. They are harvested by our partner farmers directly in the fields and since 1988 by the same Method artisan driedWhere they receive the necessary for their quality and longevity attention. In the online shop you will find our Selection of dry bouquets at an affordable price for a durable, budget, customized decoration. Whether for yourself or as a gift Dried flowers fit many creations. Why do we like them so much? Authentic and timeless, we would say. And yes, the preservation of dried flowers is very simple. Ultimately, no special maintenance is required. Dried flowers are friends of those who have no green thumb, and bring personality to your home.

All you have to do is to find a place for your Dry bouquet to find. The first bunch of this new collection is the Rubin Strauss, With its beautiful red and white colors, Symbols of passionate love and an ideal gift for a successful and extraordinary Valentine's Day. Stay on it ... Other creations will follow to celebrate the spring and each of our beautiful seasons.

Driedflumen bouquets

Natural bouquets of dried flowers

Discover ourselves our Dry bouquets With the most beautiful, dried flowersBeing! Whether with Eucalyptus or with pampasgras, in boho-style or rather romantic, one has ours Bouquets of dried flowers Together: You will only be with natural and uncolored dried flowers compiled! A Dry bouquet fromDriedflumen-Blossom is a real one Awesucker for your living room or as well as Gift idea For your favorite. Our Bouquets very long durable, High quality and sustainable. All Dried bikes become with natural Dried flowers Individually and lovingly put together in our Karlsruhe Atelier.

Rose bouquet

Individually designed Rose bouquets of their Online florist
Discover our selection Rose water: Tailored, diverse, with big buds or with pralines ... for everyone is there anything and that at a reasonable price! Our Rose bouquets become of ours Florist with fresh red, pink, yellow or white roses Compiled by high quality. Discover our exclusive offer Custom-made rose bows from 20 to 100 roseswhich you can put together according to your wishes and your budget. Do you want to make someone a pleasure? Choose the Rose bouquet For Valentine's Day with 101 magnificent red roses And make your love with elegance Kund!


Here is a small insight into the types of dried flowerswe always like to be in our beautiful Driedflumen-Strößen use:

- Dried straw flowers, even Everlasting Flowers named, are in different colorsDriedflumen-Blossom in our colored bits to find: Yellow, orange, red, pink, purple or white / cream.

Straw flowers are manifold, while we have decided for the a variety that can be dried well. Our Straw flowers Keep the coloring while drying of their Flower baskets and thus look beautiful colorful and of course, as in Purple Rain to see.

- Dried beach planes or statice in different Shades like purple, pink, white or pink: Statice is very easy to clean and a must-have in our natural Driedflumen Arrangements, how Purple Rain or Blossom.

- Dried yellow liver balm: even Lonas mentioned, the Yellow liver balm is a herbaceous plantwho we like to use in winter Sun to this colorful Dried bouquet to the ray bring to.

- Dried knight's porn blue: with yours Spad blue flowers is the Dolphinium A true eye-catcher in everyone Dry bouquet. Dried knight's porns you can find atDriedflumen-Blossomin theblue day Bouquet, as well as in the Bleu Provence Dry bouquet.

- Dried Craspedia: Craspedia is nature from nature, yellow flowers dried as fresh look and radiate their intense yellow color. the Yellow flowers of the Craspedia are a great eye-catcherBe it in colorful drying lairs like winter Sun and back to nature, or just like that. Because of their shape Craspedias even ,Drumstick' called.

- Dried daisies: Even small Margerite called, daisy Grow on almost every meadow surface and wear sweet white flowers And a yellow heart.

We also decorate atDriedflumen-Blossom like ours Dried bikes with natural, dried grassesTo our Dried flowers even more boho flair to rent:

- Getrocktnete Phalaris
- dried Lagurus or Velvet, even Rabbit tail grass called
- dried wheat
- Dried pampas grass is very popular and is in many Dry brew fromDriedflumen-Blossom contain, in combination with eucalyptus and others Dried flowers.

Next to the popular Pampas grass and dried flowers Nevertheless in many colors Eucalyptus and cattails not be missed to decorate his home in style or your loved ones a great Dry bouquet to send. For every order, we add a few Lavender stems or dry Strauss in the shipping carton for an extra serving of freshness with your Dry bouquet.

Do not miss the Women's Day

Make a statement and give you the Women's Day a bouquet of pink roses or simply a single packaged Rose



All bouquets, round bouquets, bridal bouquets, Rose bouquets.... are our Florist made on site. All Bouquet are made to order and shipped from a single address. Our fresh cut flowers be delivered in 5 days a week. They come from France and from all over the world. With years of experience, we can select our suppliers and partners producers so that we keep only the most professional of them. Leaves from Italy, roses from Ecuador or Colombia, cloves from France or Spain ...


What dried flowers are contained in the dry bouquets?

we bind Dry bouquets in different shapes and styles, so that for e