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25 products

Dry flower wreath


For more than 180 years, the Advent wreath for the anticipation to the contemplative Christmas. Previously, he was meant to facilitate the counting of days children. Today, a beautified Advent wreath with Dried flowers big and small the Christmas season.



Thanks to the nice selection can be a beautifully landscaped Advent wreath order that perfectly fit into the home. In a minimalist and set in lush, decorated facility come in eucalyptus wreath excellent advantage. A Advent wreath with Eucalyptus is a charming little piece of art.

They are popping up everywhere in social media on ... Dried flower wreaths are on everyone's heart. And this summer, whether on a festival, one wedding or a sunny Sunday at home, Is that it Must-have accessoryThat will spice up your hair.

When it comes to beautiful Dry flower decorations goes for your home, there is no alternative to Dry flower wreath. Not only Dried flowers are all the rage, even beautiful decorations the end Dried flowers are very popular.Dry flower wreath are particularly popular! There are different variations: table wreathsWhere flowers are mostly associated with straw ropes, or wall wreaths, With wooden or metal rings with many colorful flowers. For those who want even tinker wreaths, the Dry flower wreath DIY kit is the right choice. No matter how it is produced, whether bundled or already completed: With a garland of dried flowers You can decorate exquisite any door or wall. By the way we use for our wreaths our own series of Dried flowers, So we use the best quality.

If you are in love, here is our Dry flower wreathcategory .


Dry Flower Hoops & rings


Handmade wreaths of dried flowers for home

Discover ours extraordinary hoops and rings from natural dried flowers, With which you can decorate your home nicely, for recordable as a door wreath or a wreath for the wall! The decorative rings are made of a metal ring adorned with the finest dried flowers and grasses.

Our stylish Dry Flower rings in Scandi style are different natural colors and touches of color available. whether as Eucalyptus ring or Flower RingIn natural tones or color, there is something for everyone.

A Wreath of dried flowers is perfect for the home but also wonderful gift!  


you know the Dilema?

Of the Advent wreath is elaborately prepared or bought expensive to florists and at the latest after Christmas or in the new year, he travels to the memory, the drawer, a box or in the trash.
We think that our Christmas wreaths of dried flowers also can look great all year.

thanks to the Dry flowers in the wreath He makes an excellent after Christmas as Wandkranz.
Above all, a Advent boho style increases throughout the year, even after the winter, feel-good atmosphere.



Among the fantastic Alternatives for the classic Tannengrün is the Advent wreath of eucalyptus but only one of many. This Wohntrend survived Christmas, because a Advent wreath of dried flowers is about decorative elegant, timeless, modern and all year.

thanks to the Dry flowers in the wreath can be naturally beautiful and sustainable decoration in everywhere.
Some ideas: the Advent Has hanging, lying and standing an incomparably cozy and comfortable charisma, from which every apartment benefits.