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Dried flowers
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142 products

Dried flowers are back in fashion!

Dried natural flowers, A "MUST HAVE", which experiences a strong comeback in our interiors for ever more authentic and more sustainable decoration! Given the times when Grandma's flowers dusted in the cabinets, now it's time to Pick timeless flowers.

So if you ask yourself: "Where can I buy my dried flowers in strokes?" or "Where can I buy dry flowers in large quantities?" Dried flowers blossomoffers you the opportunity to get your dried flowers in large quantities and in a wide selection of already Buy dried flowers. So if you have the problem "How do I dry flowers"It got rid of, you only have to let your creativity run wild and free the way to the home improvement. You do not have an expert in Flower drying or Floral art be, so 1,2,3 bloom!

For their great pleasure, we constantly offer you new products to give you a variety of Dried flowers And to offer an ever-increasing catalog! Discover our new product of the hour, the Pampasgras. Highly asked with all our customers, you can now Pampasgras In bundles of 3 sticks for yours Order interior decoration.


Buy dried flowers online


Diverse for individualists and creative coryphees

Driedflumen-Blossomis your Onlineshop for dried flowers and decoration as well as the necessary accessories, which you for dried flowers Requires. We drive two-track: If you are looking for the perfect decoration for your home, you will find handmade unique pieces in which our entire passion flows into!

Beautiful your four walls with an individual and personalized

Dry flower wreath. Since we do ours Produce products by hand for you, you can also have one Dryflower wreath with name Receive if you buy it with the desired text. High quality and above all longevity are obvious, because Dried flowers Do you buy and then enjoy it almost eternal if you are our top tips for Drying flowers care Note.

Would you like to create a masterpiece yourself, we keep great for you Driedflumenkranz DIY sets. Maybe you also belong to the third type and are looking for only suggestions and inspiration? Then we also welcome you - look around and find impulses at Driedflumen-Blossom!. 


How do you do a dry bouquet?


Nothing easier than that: First determine the type of attachment you want to create. Flowers for a wedding? For blackboard attachments? in rural and bucolic style? or rather Provençal with lavender? We advise you, for example the Blue dried statice With the yarrow or the yellow Branched rose to combine, a few flowers will be enough. In a vase, a recycled container or on driftwood, which you have collected during your walks by the sea, you can easily create a charming decoration. That decorative and Creative potential of dried flowers Is enormous.

The production of a Round bridal bouquet or bridesmaid extract Do not have to be complicated. You do not need a stand, but put your Dried flowers Just together and distribute the colors harmoniously. Rhodant with Craspedia (yellow COLOUR), Oats and Nigella (Blue flowers) and Amaranthwhich ties with bast. You can Dry flower arrangement Complete with a string or a fabric band, which still one romantic touch Gives.

Even easier are the prefabricated DIY boxesBeing! They come in four colors, orange, white, pink and yellow, and they are perfect for a gentle start. The content will allow you to make your first workshop, without having to worry about the amounts thoughts. The advantage of the Bulk buying of Dried flowers is that you can customize your arrangements with a little care several days in advance and repeat until you achieve the desired result. However, be careful, because Dried flowers are sometimes more sensitive to handle than fresh flowers. Be gentle with them.

No more last-minute preparations, you can use your Dry bouquetMaking long before the big day! A real relief for your planning. Do you think you might need accessories and small materials such as moss, wire it so that you your arrangements use to be.

but Dried flowers can be used daily, and you will certainly find a little corner in your home for them. They will present their colors and their Retro look loveAnd you will fall in love with the possibilities they offer. It does not need a special occasion to get your House with flowers to embellish. No rotten pots anymore, only wall decorations, garlands on the wall in the kitchen or in the laundry room, in flowering tires as a headboard, under glass, in the herbarium - Dried flowers are an inexhaustible source of possible variations and timeless design options.

If you have no patience to Drying your flowers to wait or your ostrich to bind itself, or if you just a loved one dried bouquet want to give, there are different colors, blue dried bouquets, red bouquets, Dry bouquet blueFrom the simplest to the raffiniertesten, such as the incredible dried bouquet Adèle, The delicate dried bouquet Lisa or elegant bouquet of dried Mélanie, Among many others.


creating living spaces with dried flowers

One thing is clear: Dried flowers Not only since yesterday Hot Stuff! And certainly you would not be here if you do not interessiertest you for it. We are not surprised, because Dried flowers and anything else you can do with them, are magnificent decorative objects - even if only in a vase stand! Even more than that: Dried flowers Home interiors make!

But not everyone likes to make his own decoration, and we make no bones about it - not everyone has the patience for it tinkering. Sort dried flowers, Cut, arrange, and finally bind. You need you this procedure does not undergo if you do not want.

Buy just our handmade and charming decor, because our Dried flowers Online Shop is always open. We are available online (24/7) and also by SMS, if the stores are already closed on the street. Look around at us whenever you please and schmökere in our creative range, which we are continually expanding for you.


Buy your pre-made dried flower wreaths!


If you do not trust your wreaths make yourself if you do not have time or if you are afraid to make a mistake, we offer various Types of wreaths for hanging on, which were made already by our florists especially for you. Whether you want to hang a wreath on the door or wear it on your body, we have put together a collection that will not leave you indifferent.

the wreaths Louison and Joséphine Are two of the most popular! As an accessory, you should not forget the matching buttonholes that your topic perfectly round off. We also offer crowns and buttonholes, but not only that, but also bracelets and bouquets.

For those of you who ask yourself how to keep drying flowers?

There is not much to say because there is not much to do! The preservation of Dried flowers is very simple, You do not need water, no light and also no greener thumb .... the only enemy is the dust that settles over the years, because yes, These flowers are immortalBeing! If you are beautiful Dried flowers Give away, make a permanent gift that has existed over years. If you are not afraid of heat waves, swap the transient against the longevity, let yourself be Deliver dried flowers'They do not fear the sun nor their long absence when they come back, they are still so ... fresh!



Handicraft production

Our creations are all handmade with a lot of passion. They are the fruit of a traditional know-how.

Among the varieties available with us you will find carefully selected Dry bouquetFor different occasions and Decoration ideas. These include, among other things Bouquet of pink phleum, a Bouquet natural-colored Eulalia, a bouquet of light pink dried Marcela, a Bouquet of Purpurrosa dried phalaris, a Bouquet of natural-colored dried Linen and Berry-colored dried cardo.

Also for festive occasions are Dried grasses and dried flowers a Timeless classic. For example, do you plan a country wedding breathtaking bohema character? Then buy some of these Flowers and grasses To enjoy this special day with a touch of natural beauty. For more information about booking the items you can find our online shop and websiteWWW.Driedflumen-Blossom.com to visit.

Ecologically responsible

We use ourselves for a slow consumption. Our products are durable, they accompany you over time.

Dried flowers and grasses


Currently belonging Drying flowers and grasses To the most popular Decoration items in the living area. There are you in wonderfully covered colors that are perfect Warm pastel tones fit, with the resilient accents to give them one Boho-chic style to lend. They enjoy special popularity Drying flowers and grasses not only durable and renewable, but also more sustainable than prove fresh or artificial flowers.

Driedflumen-Blossom is one of the most prominent Online Dry Flower Wholesalers From dried flowers in Germany based in Karlsruhe. We have a big one Selection of high quality dried flowers and grasses in different colors and textures. In addition, we offer you unbeatable prices as we do ours Dried flowers, Lagurus, Phalaris and grain buy directly from the producer.