Macrame wall hanging

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      Macrame wall hanging, the trendy part of her decoration


      Are you looking for a unique and trendy decoration For your living room, your bedroom, your entrance, your veranda, your bathroom or other? Decide for one Macrame workhanging on the wall or on the door.

      That Macrame wall hanging Will give your room a warm atmosphere.

      If you are looking for more than just a decoration, you will find at Driedflumen-Blossom Macrame hanger for flowerpots.


      Macrame wall hanging, an iconic piece of hipster fashion

      The hippie style comes from the 1960s. This counterculture movement is characterized by the rejection of conservative values, but also by its Colorful and busy style. Today, with a constant renewal of the styles, has the Hippie trend A comeback experienced with a touch of chic.

      That Macrame wall hanging comes from this Boho trend. In our shop you will find Macrame in Boho-Chicwho combines elegance and natural materials of raw cotton and linen, which the basic ingredients for the Macrames are in our shop.

      Do not wait any longer and treat yourself to a fabulous macrame mural you in ourDriedflowers Blossom Macrame shop can find.

      For more macrame, discover ours Collections of carpets, Curtains in macrame as well as many beautiful Decorations in macrame.

      If you have your own Macrame You can discover our collection of ropes and threads.

      In our beautiful collection of Macrame Walls can be found:


      • Macrame mural
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      • Giant macrame wall hanging
      • Macrame taped carpet
      • Great macrame wall hangings
      • Macrame mirror
      • Macrame rainbow
      • Macrame dream catcher
      • Macrame wall paint
      • Huge wall macrame

      and many other beautiful Macrame decorations


      For a warm decoration: Macrame wall hanging are your ally

      Warm decorations with natural materials Experience after the rule of the Nordic decoration A comeback.

      If you want a more personal, more comfortable decoration for your home, the Bohemian decoration is ideal.

      And if you do not have your entire decoration want to change, it is very original, some Boho elements With natural fibers (Cotton Linen etc.) to add. These elements are contrast to a colder decoration and achieve a nice effect.

      Macrame wall hanging: The different styles


      There are so many Macrame styles like it Macrame!

      The most popular Macrame wall hangings Are the cotton with very nice Ethnic or floral patterns.

      Of course, there are also colorful specimens that bring a touch of "pep", such as Rainbowswhich are often set up in children's rooms.

      Some Macrame Are pure decoration, others are not only beautiful, but also useful: there is Macrame shelves, Hangers, bed heads and so on.


      How do you choose his wall macrame?

      For your Macrame wall hanging Select, you must determine the place where you Attach macrame Want to: On a wall, on a door ... and also the style you want to give your room.

      If you have a strong Macrame room wish, we recommend a big one Macrame. We recommend a huge Macrame wall to attach to a large wall. If you only decoration a touch of bohema Give, you can give a small one Choose macrame.
      Do not hesitate to measure the place where you want to attach your future macrame because we will give you the dimensions in the description of the products. So you can make a picture of how it will look!

      Great macrame KAnn be used as a headboard. A Macrame headboard Looks great and makes a big difference in your decoration.

      If you ask questions about Selection of your macrame Please contact us. We're here to help.

      Where to go with the macrame wall?

      Of course, you can, as the name implies, you can Macrame hanging on the wall. For methods where not drilled to Macrame On Wall To hang, we have your own Blog written.

      she Can macrame also to the Wall, how Dream catcher On a door, but also on a window. You can do that Wall macrame Also attach to a curtain rod. With a little imagination you can do the same Macrame Lend another style.

      One Macrame wall in a garden? For one Bohemian and warm garden can you a Macrame decoration Set up outdoors. We advise you especially under a pergola so that it will not be dirty! However, we have a special Blog for the cleaning of Macrame, to help you.

      On windy days we advise you to remove them, so that Macrame not weaving.

      Fall in love with ours Macrame walls, big or small, neutral or colorful, busy or simply ...


      What are our best-selling macrame walls?


      Our best selling Macrame walls Are the huge macrame walls, which are often attached to the head of a bed or even over a living room. At the moment our customers prefer the classic Macrame in beige color!

      For :

      To the Macrame wall hanging: A classic of dried flowers Blossom Macrame
      That Nana Macrame wall hanging: A small macrame for one Boheme Touch At home.
      That Loulou Macrame wall hanging: an original and cute Decoration for the nursery.


      How do you hang a macrame to the wall?

      We have in our Macrame blog An article about the different methods for Hanging of macrame Written with and without drilling a wall!

      Further details can be found here.