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Macrame mirror: beautify your bathroom with mirrors made of natural fibers over pretty sink

In fact, our beautiful mirrors look great in pretty bathrooms in the bohemian style, which are worthy of the best hotels. For an original decoration, you can choose two similar mirrors or even different mirrors.

Our mirrors are woven from natural fibers such as cotton, linen and wood.

For a Bohemian dressing table there is nothing better than a nice macrame mirror


For a nice, Self-made dressing table the mirror will make your dressing table Give the right style. We therefore recommend a nice handwoven mirror. In a bedroom, a bathroom or a dressing room this mirror becomes an important part of your decoration be.


Over a sideboard, several macrame mirrors in different shapes and sizes to enlarge a room

To enlarge a room, mirrors are a good solution. For example, put in a narrow room mirror on a wall, and you will see the difference. In addition, mirrors reflect the light, making a room much brighter.

For beautiful Bohemian garden decoration we also offer Macrame hammocks at.