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Macrame key chain for original and cute key chain

No Plastic keychain more! Decide for the Keychain Fabric: light, ecologically and pretty, so you easily find your keys in your pocket.

Our Keychain Have original shapes and bright colors, so you are perfect as a gift for friends.

Macrame key chain with unique and colorful braid

Our Keychain Are handmade from natural fibers and are recyclable. Every bond is therefore unique. So, fall in love with our macrame in all colors and with beautiful beads.

Trend: Decorate your pocket with a macrame key chain

To decorate or modernize your pocket, it is very trendy to attach a key ring or a silk square to the handles.

Our Macrame key chain Are indeed quite imposing and can be used to decoration a bag. You can attach it to the zipper of your pocket or even on the shoulder strap. Your bag will be unique!

To avoid that you buy a new bag because you no longer like it, the redevelopment can be with one Keychain Change the entire style of the bag!

Gift for the best friend: The macrame key chain

As a small gift for the best friend or the best friend is the purchase of one Keychains In the same color or not a little attention that always arrives well.

Do not hesitate and grab yourself Macrame key chain from Dried flowers blossom!