Macrame hanging chair

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5 products

The macrame hammock is a strong piece for your garden!

In our shop Dried flowers blossom Find a number of Macrame hammocks In different materials and colors.

If you want to relax, make a small corner with one Macrame hanging chair.

To have a perfect relaxation corner, plants are ideal. For this purpose we have Crop and carpets.

The macrame hammock can also be used in the house!

You can see it in many magazines, but if you have the place at home, you can do yours hammock Install inside and use them all year round. The natural fibers of ours Macrame Can create a very cozy atmosphere at home!

For the best among them we have materials to their own macrame and maybe even their own Macrame hanging chair to manufacture.

Weisse hammock for the perfect boho garden

In fact, one sees one White macrame hanging chair Great in a beautiful garden for your beautiful summer evenings. You can Macrame between two trees or on one Macrame hanging chair hanging.

A hammock in the garden is a centerpiece. You can make a whole decoration for oneMacrame hanging chair Make around, such as one bohemian or Mexican decoration. A small corner of paradise at home thanks to the decoration of Dried flowers blossom!

You canDried flowers blossom Macrame hanging chairFind:


  • White macrame hanging chair
  • Macrame hanging armchair white lace
  • Macrame hanging chair Bohemian
  • Macrame hanging chair with white fringes
  • Macrame hanging chair
  • Black macrame hanging chair