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Macrame yarn: A series of ropes and laces for making own macrame pieces


In our shop you will find one Set of macrame yarnIn different textures, colors and strengths. With our ropes ranging from cotton to hemp, from white over purple to black and neon yellow, you can create your own macrame pieces, from a small piece to the biggest creation.

Unleash your creativity with the ropes ofDriedflowers Blossom Macrame!

Macrame rope and macrame yarn for all your macrame crafting


Need ropes and twine in large quantities, from a 20m roll up to 200m for your Macrame? That Driedflowers Blossom Macrame is there for you.

To let your creativity run wild, you can take a look at our DIY collection, more precisely on a collection of complete sets with laces and pearls.

We have a large selection Macrame threads In different colors and diameters that meet your needs! We have wire diameters for small pieces like bracelets, but also larger diameters for hangers holding flowerpots, or for more impressive creations.

For larger creations that require a lot of string, we have long coils Macrame wire Or even a wholesal area in which you can buy 3 coils at a lower price.

We offer a number of colors, from the classic Macrame colors: White, beige, brown, ecru ... but also extravagant colors that give your works a touch of originality. in the Driedflowers Blossom MacrameSome models are made with colored ropes that are very already working. These pieces are above all our bestsellers!


Macrame yarn: Which thread diameter should I choose for macrame?


For Macrame With many details and small sizes we recommend a diameter of 1 to 3 mm.

The larger the diameter of the wire, the fewer knots you have to do. If the thread has a thicker diameter, the node you make will make more impression on your piece, so total fewer knots have to be made. For beginners, we advise against larger diameters.

The larger diameter enable it too, big Macrame to weave, but also Macrameused as carriers for elements such as hangers or shelves.

Our Macrame ropes are appreciated by our customers and recommended! You will advise what kind of rope you should use according to your level and the effect you want to give to your work, and prices are attractive.