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2 products

Discover our macrame plants with your handmade suspensions!


Macrame floral Stand for a soft and modern decor and experience a remarkable comeback in our homes. Macrame, a braiding technique with knots, is in line with nature and is like no other technique suitable, Flowers and plantings upgrade. Hung up in the living room or on the balcony, you are always an eye-catcher! Macrame floral are easy to find or manufacture and make desire to add some green everywhere. Are you looking for ideas and tips for attaching macrame-life trucks? Maybe you want to make you yourself? Follow the instructions and learn everything about Macrame floral !

Timeless crop


Macrame floral Have proven themselves over time and have become a classic that can be adapted to the current taste. They enable the creation of one Crop garden By changing from different heights and plant species and can easily be integrated into the house. They are perfect for decorating all living areas and are very good for small spaces thanks to their small footprint.