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8 products

macrame refers to a coming out of the knotting Orient for the preparation of ornaments, Textiles and jewelry. Spanish macramé comes from the Arabic migramah.

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Macrame can be defined as the art of braiding ropes for the production of objects of all kinds of decorations to jewelery and much more.

We use this art to produce beautiful decorations in boho style.

Over time, our collections are becoming more extensive, to meet all your needs! Whether you are a complete Macrame decoration or just a few details wishDried flowers blossom is there for you.


We propose to ourmacrame category a plurality of decorations in macrame plan to meet your needs.

If you only have a few Macrame pieces want to attach to your decoration to add some more heat, we recommend small creations. We recommend Macrame pillowcases, Curtain binder, a tablecloth, a small Wandmakramee or garland. A few highlights Bohemian decoration change a style.

For a predominantly Bohemian decoration we recommend large pieces like Macrame headboards, Hanging chairs and even hammocks for the brave. You can use a whole room of addition a macrame Boho look achieve!


Discover our macrame hanging basket with their handmade hangers!

Macrame floral stand for a soft, modern decor and experience a remarkable comeback in our homes. macrameA weaving technique with knots, is in line with nature and is like no other technology capable Flowers and plantings upgrade. In the living room or on the balcony hung, they are always a Eye-catcher! Macrame plant hanger are easy to find or establish and make you want to add something green everywhere. Are you looking for ideas and tips for the application of Macrame plant hangers? You might want to establish yourself? Follow the instructions and you will learn about Macrame floral!

Timeless macrame hanging basket

Macrame hanging baskets have stood the test of time and have become a classic that can be adapted to current tastes. They allow the creation of a vegetable garden by the alternation of different heights and plant species and can be easily integrated into the house. They are perfect for setting up all living areas and are very well suited due to its small footprint for small spaces.