You've probably noticed the pampas grasses, they are everywhere!


In the most persecuted Instagram accounts on Pinterest, in the living room of your friend or in the pages of decorating magazines.

We knew that Dried flowers back in fashion (we love Dry bouquets, Dried flowers under Belly, on wreaths... in any form, we love them), but the big winner of the flowers family is this PampasgrasBeing! This plant from the The grass family is THE decorating trend for 2021!

These plants are very popular because of their fluffy, nude color - If you natural are - that are each in every interior, every house and garden fits! the Pampa grasses make a comeback this year.

Where they come famous plants? How to maintain a must-have this decorative? We'll tell you all about Pampasgras:

A bit of history about the Pampa 🤓:

The pampas grass Middle of the 19th century was brought from South America to Europe! They find their audience among Europeans that they, because of their Beauty and their decorative Value for each interior and each buying up garden. Yes, that Pampasgras is the new MUST HAVE in the decoration! A small bouquet of three herbs in your living room and your home turns into a super stylish cocoonYou can take pictures and is a hit on Pinterest! You can Pampas herbs with other Combine dried flowers: A great effect is guaranteed!

the Easy care of these dried flowers and their ability to adapt to any climate have spread since then to a far Crop plant made, especially in Germany, where it was first in flower gardenshowed up. Pampa grasses are like us, they love the sun!

Pampas grass dried flowers Blossom


How to maintain it? 🤔

If the Pampa grasses dried out , you need to do nothing!

You can spray them with a little hairspray for their very fine flowers stand upright.

Then you just have a pretty vase find for them.

A Stem pampas grass m is usually between 1 and 1.5 meters long. They can be cut at will, and as I said, you just have a find beautiful vaseIn which they can flourish!
Dried flowers are greatBeing! There is nothing complicated to do, you just have to enjoy!

They can also grow evenBut their growth requires a lot of time and attention:

A native of South America plant prefers warm, humid climate, but also flourishes in areas with up to -7 °! Care and patience are recommended to breed this shrub, which will give you beautiful feathers!

nowhere welcome 🙅♀️

It turns out that the cultivation of this plant is in some parts of the world such as California, Hawaii or near the ocean basin in Australia and New Zealand, prohibited.

Why is that? The pampas grass is considered too invasive as its size and its tendency to occupy even a small room generous, do not appeal to everyone.

pampas grass


A collection of colorful Pampas 🌈

We have long thought you the colorful the dried pampas grass imagine! We love their natural color, but as you may have noticed, we at Pampa a real weakness for color! Color in the fresh flowersColor in the dried flowersBut also add color to our Pampasgras!

The colorful Pampasgras they were put at their disposal a real hit as soon as our supplier: We have rushed to buy them! Pink, green, blue, a real rainbow We were offered!

Pampas grass - rainbow

You will be colored directly from our supplier and come in our workshop as you are!

We sprinkle with little hair spray to make you even more stable for your trip to your home. (A good tip for all Dried flowers: Hair Spray is your best friend)

We hope you will be as well as we ❤️.


Where do you find pampasgras?

Dream it to renovate your house and have you from Pampa lawn Let? theDried flowers blossomIs there for you! We all deliver Drying flowers everywhere in Germany!Order the copy (s) that you like / en (we like the Sets with 3 pampas, tender in one big vase in your living room placed), and you get home a few days later! Enough to delight your home! The price for one Pampa grass is at least 12 € per Halm.

Our Collection of colorful pampasgras Find on our Driedflowers Blossom website or directly over this link

The pampasgras can be delivered throughout Europe.

Proposal for the presentation: In a vase without waterto place in the living room or in the entrance hall.
Height: about 1.5 m.