How to color your own flowers

How to color your own flowers. Create your own floral assortment ...


Florist All over the world look at a difficult and unpredictable future. Therefore, today it is more important than ever to pick up from the crowd and to attract the attention of your customers with a product that says: "Look at me"!

It's easy, Buy from colored flowersbut have already thought of her own To dye flowers? With Flower colorwho is incorporated into the stems can achieve amazing effects that will delight their customers.

Driedflumen-Blossom explained, How to color flowers

Driedflumen-Blossom offers a number of 16 different colorants that can be used individually or mixed to multicolored flowers to create.

How to color your own flowers

There are no fixed instructions on how to achieve a specific result because it is about experimenting with the dyes to find the combination suitable for you!

Read in the Floral dye From Kat Bass, where your inspiration to the Flower colors came and look at the amazing results of their funny experiments.

Unique colored flowers

If you have found your perfect color, do not forget how to make it, and give your own unique palette a memorable name.


How to color your own flowers

The Hypnotic Range by The Flower Lab




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