Pampasgras: 3 tips for perfect care ..

How do you care for his pampasgrass?


atDriedflumen-Blossomwe love pampas. Why not? These beautiful grasses look good not only on Pinterest and Instagram Influencern, but also with you at home! It is part of a harmonious and stylish decoration as well as our favorite plants.

In particular, those who want to be at home minimalist and without too much decoration will love Pampas. They are available in different types and sizes. Our Premium pampasgras is about 1.10 meters long and suits you high vase Very good.
But how do you care for his pampasgras? We would like to pass on our 3 best tips:

Pampasgras is a plant dominated in South America. It grows in Bolivia, Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and Chile. This longest grass grows in dense clumps: It can be up to 3 m highBeing! That Pampasgras has the special feature that it is a two-rise type, d. H. The male and female flowers are worn by different individuals. She is more invasive and today is mainly considered Ornamental plant used. And the trend will probably not be escaped you! Pampasgras can be seen everywhere today Decoration magazines, as Flower decoration In shops or at home. Their creamy, airy flowers are ideal for floral works of art. With them the Original bouquetsTo make wreaths and chalkboard attachments.


My ideas for decoration with pampasgras

There are a thousand and a possibility, Pampasgras To be nice to look. The easiest way is the stalks as they are in one XXL vase to deliver. The lady-Jeanne is ideal for this type of decoration, but you can also use more original vessels. Pampasgras is drySo no water is needed! If you prefer mixed bouquets, do not hesitate to Pamp with others Dried flowers to combine: thistles, eucalyptus, veil herb ... The most creative among them can finally be one wreath the end Pampas herbs or one Tinker. The result is impressive and Very aesthetic!

A wreath with pampasgras

Of the Wreath is a decorative Item that you can easily make yourself. You can go out from the base I specified in this article, and reduce it at will! It fits perfectly with one Boho decoration or, for example, the walls of a Room. Combine it with rattan, wood and Vintage elementsto create a successful mix & match atmosphere.


A flowery suspension with pampasgras

Hanging flowers is still the most important, either alone or with a power connection. You need foam for floral pickers and a scissors. Blogger Rachel Stylist has used a Castorama suspension to her Pampasgrashaws Extend what I find very clever! And of course, the result is spectacular, but what Nothing spoiled...


A bouquet with pampasgras

Again, nothing is too complicated! The stems of the Pampasgras rich in one Bunch of flowers Totally out. But you can do it with others Dried flowers to a Romantic bouquet combine. The advantage of such a scheme is of course their timelessness. You can keep it home all year round without it dying!

1. Shake up pampasgras at the time of receipt

Due to the transport is yours Pampasgras Maybe a bit flat, but no reason to worry! Shake yours Pampasgras Just a bit out, best in the garden or through the window. So you can put it in top shape again and place directly into a vase. You can also easily pull the grass with your hands so that yours Pampasgras still looks fluffy.


2. Put to a dry place

Dry grasses need dry air! This is not just for Pampasgrasbut also for all Dried flowers. You best put yours Pampasgras To a nice, dry place at your home, for example in the living room or in the bedroom. With his special, soothing effect is yours Pampasgras That's best!

3. If it is dusty ....

Actually, Pampasgras hold foreverBut that also means that there can be a bit of dust after a while. Do not worry! We also have a simple trick. You can turn on your hair dryer at the lowest level and with about 30cm far removal on the Pampasgras be directed. So get yours Pampasgras A beautiful "hairstyle" and looks like fresh and new in a few seconds!

Our pampasgras comes from the Netherlands, was under fair conditions Made and dried. It's important to us not only beautiful To offer drying flowers and grassesbut also the best quality and sustainable production. We also have for that Pampasgras decided in nature paint as we colored on artificially dyed and bleached dried flowers waive. In addition, we do not use our supplier or we plastic at the dispatch, and we ship all packages climate-neutral. So you can do yours Pampas love Enjoy with a good conscience!

Here it goes to the Pampasgras. Have fun shopping! Do you have a special wish? write us . We look forward to you!

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