How to make macrame? THE BASICS

Macrame is an ancient web method in which items are made using nodes.


A genuine fashion phenomenonwho has become an indispensable in recent years Decoration element has developed.

How to practice macrame? Which nodes should you use to create breathtaking creations?

Let's take a quick look at the techniques with which Macrame will be produced.


How to make macrame? THE BASICS



the Macrame Webtechnik

Macrame is made by tingling threads to knot. There are many different nodes that Macrame be used. There is no less than 50 of the most common. But Windy Chien, a real enthusiast, has made another one another one year every day: so infinitely the possibilities seem!

The basic nodes are:

The label node, with which one can start on a pad like a ring or a piece of wood with the weaving.
The overhand knot, a classic Macrame knot, is linked with 4 threads. There are different variants of this node.
The stickknot, in which two cords are joined together: one is stretched as a guide and the other is knotted to form the pattern.
The combination of several of these nodes opens up a variety of possibilities for the Macrame weaving.



How do you learn macrame?

There are different possibilities, Macrame to learn. The first possibility is one Macrame workshop to visit or to take courses with a club or an independent teacher.

Given the indisputable success of creative hobbies, there is no shortage of learning locations: Ask for one in your area!

The second possibility is Macrame yourself to learn. With the help of a book or the big offer on the Internet, you will find advice on how to discover and master this web method. Not only blogs of individuals, but also numerous video tutorials are waiting for you to Macrame objects To produce their dreams.


The choice of the right pattern and the right materials

Not to get lost and the right thing Macrame material To choose, there are many kits and patterns. This makes it different Macrame work produce.

There are many different types, Macrame to make: floral and geometric patterns, twists, Feathers or tree leavesto your own Wall macrame close.

Before you with the Macrame-make Start, should you consider whether you are not in a specialist shop or in Our macramein which we self ropes and threads for Macrame sale, want to buy an equipment.

Do not forget to buy or collect the elements required for making Makramee objects: cotton threads, driftwood, wooden beads become yours Crop, Macrame decorations and other Dream catcher beautify.


Macrame is easy: Just start! If you meet with other hobby wires and use the tools available to them, they will learn quickly. The choice of the right yarn and the right accessory will lead you to a natural way to success if you have the Discover the joy of the macrame!

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