How to drool hydrangeas 💜

Dried flowers Blossom and hydrangeas are a true # love story 💜

We are Fans of these flowersBeing! We love you for your enormous size, yours incredible colors And her oh so fresh fragrance! But the great Hydrangea is that they are fresh as beautiful as dried!


In this article we explain how you Beautiful hydrangeas can dry!

They have as long as possible to their Hydrangea pleased, they stood proudly in their house, they looked great in their Vase full of water. Now it's time to get you dry and enjoy it even longer!

3 simple steps to dry your flowers:

Hortensia Dried Flower Blossom

Step 1: Strip

What does "stripping" mean? (For the initiates among you 😈 We do not talk about stripping here!)


In the language of the florists, the removal of the leaves of the stems is simply the Remove the leaves!

Step 2: Hanging the Hydric Saints

Hang the Hoarding With the help of a wire upside down!

Preferably choose a room with good air circulation and not too much light (if the light is too strong on the Flowers meets, Lose your colors).

Step 3: Patience

You have to be patient now, because who waits, the will driedBeing! (We have modified the expression as much as possible, do not laugh 😊).


Want to dry more flowers? Dried flowers blossomhas for you a small selection of the 5 am to leichtesten dried flower varieties taken which can be found here in our article ➡️ HERE



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