How to make a dry flower wreath ..

Dried flower rings: a wreathWorn as clothes. Dry flower wreath There have been for centuries. They were a trend in solid, birthdays, baby shower, Weddings and more. They are constantly seeing Pinterest and Instagram. People learn how to make them yourself or buy other breathtaking creations. We will be some in the next few months Dried flower crowns Create, but until then we would like to show you how to your own Make dry flower wreath can.


How to make a dry flower wreath

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Of the Traditional dryer wreath Will be with ancient times Greece and associated with his celebrations and puts the tradition up to the modern Olympic ceremonies Fort. Dry flower wreath Are a perfect look, whether you walk to the altar or go to a fall. They have been a popular accessory for a long time, and they are still so popular today as ever. The new trend Floral rumes are preserved and Dry flower wreath. There is the possibility, Dry flower wreath Crafting from fresh flowers, but we explain how they can produce a flower wreath from our conserved and dried flowers. We recommend that you look after small flowers, as these little flowers are ideal as filling for their larger panel attachments. We recommend Baby's Breath, rice flowers, dried rabbits and hydrangeas.



You can look for a simple, White-beige crown Decide, similar to the flowers in our neutral arrangement. Or they decide for something more natural and fill the crown with Eucalyptus leaves. eucalyptus Fits very well with these crowns, as he comes very well and their Dry flower wreath a more traditional charisma gives. Dried ruscuswhich we use in most of our arrangements also fits very well with yours Crownbecause it is very robust and put a statement white. For a bold wreath you can conserved and dried flowers how Pampasgras, Preserved Roses, Magnolia blossoms, Palm tips etc. use.

It's easy, your own Flower crown To make crafts, and it's a great project that can be done in school holidays or during Covid isolation. In our guide will explain how you own your own Dry flower wreath To carry or set for a friend or a friend. For the beginning you need a few materials. Keep your eyes open, because we will be in the near future too Dry flower wreath and DIY packages for dry flower wreathto offer.




  • Floral adhesive tape - That Floral adhesive tape It is easy to combine with your crown as it is available in different colors and shades that fit your flowers.
  • scissors - You need a sharp scissors to your flower, Wires and cut the flower tape.
  • Craft wire - A craft wire role is much easier to process than pre-cut wires. This will attach your flowers to the crown.
  • wire - Often flexible binding wire or construction wire. This is used as the basis for the crown.
  • Thread or string - To tie smaller floral stems
  • Dried flowers - Cut the stems to about 5 cm to make the flowers easier to attach to the crown. You can reduce the stems later and again. Keep a selection of smaller and larger Dried flowers for your crown ready.


How to make a dry flower wreath

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1. Create the base of the dryer wreath

Take the flexible cord or vine wire and Wickle you to find your head to find the best seat. Let a centimeter survive so they have a little more scope. Secure the ends of the wire with the Flower tape.

Think when making and measuring the pedestal that the Crown Maybe does not fit if you wear a hairstyle like a dutt while you make it with another hairstyle.



2. Start with the addition of the basic flowers

Start the selected ones flower Add to your crown. We recommend, with one Basic flower how Ruscus, Eucalyptus leavesTo start rabbits or something like.

3. Bundle your flowers

Start, some small flowers put together to a small bouquet and with Flower tape or to attach yarn. We recommend that you put together rabbits, hydrangeas and veil herb for a simple and elegant crown.

4. Attach flowers to the crown

Now add your mini rental and others Preserved flowers to their Dry flower wreath Add. Fasten the stems with flower adhesive tape or crown wire at the crown base. Make sure the flower In one direction, so outward, are attached so that the flowers come correctly and stand out. Add more flowers and layers to give you the appearance of yours Crown pleases.


How to make a dry flower wreath

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We look forward to seeing photos of yours Dry flower rings To see! Send us a photo to make sure Can see crowns. Hold your eyes open and sign yourself for ours Newsletter to learn to learn when we are ours Driedflumenkronen and DIY flower crown sets launch.





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