How to drool flowers and preserves - dried flowers

From wedding lands and special birthdays to flowers for clamping balls and anniversaries dried dried flowers


- There are some occasions where flower Just mean more and you can only separate yourself from them. Luckily that is Drying flowers A simple thing you can do at home. So you can keep all your favorite flowers as long as you want!

Whether you're with dried flowers Decorate, frame or leave your home with Potpourri fragrant, our methods for Drying flowers Will give you a new life!

How to drool flowers. Dried flowers

To yours To dry flowers, Need: flowers, scissors, cord or rubber bands, a hanger and unsparized hair spray.

First select the flowers you want to dry. Flowers, which have just flowered, are best to dry. Then remove the excess foliage under the flower heads and cut off the stems.

Share the Flowers in small bouquets of 6-7 flowers on. If you Larger flowers like roses Or want to dry hydrangeas, these must be individually. Tend the bouquets together with a rubber band or a string and hang them upside down on the hanger.

So that the flowers keep their color, hang them in a dry, dark room without direct sunlight. The loft or cabinet under the stairs are ideal!

Let the flowers hang for 2-3 weeks until they are completely dried. If you have themDried flowers Slimming, sprinkle with a small splash of hair spray. Not only does that protect them, but also gives them a nice shine.

Dried flowers



How to drool flowers in the microwave - dried flowers


That Drying flowers in the microwave is by far the fastest method, because it takes only minutes instead of weeks. To dry flowers in the microwave, you need:

Flowers, microwave, silica gel, microwave-proof container, a small fine brush

Remove all unwanted leaves from the Dried flowers And cut the stems so that they fit into the container. Fill the bottom of the container with 1 to 2 centimeter silica gel. If you dry a bigger flower, you probably need something more. Put the bloom up and pour more gel over the flower. If you adding several flowers, make sure that it is the same kind. Otherwise, they dry differently quickly, and you could burn them.

The time and temperature in the microwave depends on the relevant flower. We recommend to start with intervals of 1-2 minutes. Always check if the Dried flowers Fun dry, and if not, take the microwave.

If the Flowers completely dried Are you need to cover half of the container and allow it to cool for 24 hours.

Be very careful if you have the Dried flowers Remove from the container because they do not accidentally want to bend or damage the petals. As soon as the flowers are free, brush the silica gel with a fine brush and then set it out at will!

How to drool flowers and preserves - dried flowers



Which ones are the best drying flowers for drying?


Unfortunately not all are suitable Flowers for drying. Some are just better than others! And which flower best to go dry Suitable, one learns best by trying. But we also have a practical little list with the best Flowers for drying created.

- amarant

- Artemisie

- Astilbe

- veil herb

- bellflower

- cone flower

- Knight's spur

- Herbs

- Hydrangea

- Large spur

- Lavender

- pansy

- Roses

- poppies

- straw flower

- yarrow

How long are dry flowers durable?


That depends on the flower, but in general keep Dried flowers between 1-3 years Being! As long as they are properly maintained, treated carefully and protected from direct sunlight, wind and moisture, you can enjoy their beautiful flowers for years.

Our best care tips for dried flowers


If you want yours Dried flowers stay nice for a long time, just follow our best tips:

1. Find the right place - ideally you should not keep the flowers on the windowsill as they become brittle through direct sunlight and fade their color. Also, you should keep them away from stoves and fireplaces or heaters. Basically, they have relatively cold in one, are dry room.

2. Gently dust - Use something very gentle as a feather duster, a brush or a dryer (on cooling stage) in order not to damage them, and dust them regularly from, so that they always look beautiful.

3. Do not let them get wet - water and moisture can dried flowers brown, limp or even moldy'll let what the latter is what you want for them! so do not store them in the bathroom.

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