How to drool flowers and kept: 3 ways + ideas

How to drool flowers and kept: 3 ways + ideas


You do not know what you have after Valentine's Day with their flowers should door you want the flowershe's in a special day gift Having to keep as a souvenir? It turns out that it is easier than you may think of creating a flowery souvenir of your special memories.

No matter if it is yours Priceless bridal bouquet or a particularly important gesture is a loved one, they have some possibilities To dry flowers Or to preserve to preserve the beauty and the emotional value of their flowers.

Dry bouquet  🌸🔽🔽🔽🌸

 Dry bouquet


Maybe you ask yourself how to Flowers dried Or where you should start! No matter if you are for drying or another method of Preservation Decide, you will certainly have a very special symbol of an important reminder. In the following step-by-step instructions you will find different Methods for drying and Preserve your flowers.

How to drool flowers

The drying of flowers is a popular method to Keep flowers, especially for those who are one Wishing romantic, picturesque look for your flowers. Dried flowers, dried flowers can decoration be used to one Living area To lend structure than Table decorationwho ensures a conversation material or as a tangible memory of a special memory.

Before you start, you should pay attention to some professional tips to the Drying process To make as smooth as possible and to ensure that your flowers have grown the task:


the Air drying is best suited for Bouquets and sturdy flowers how Roses or small, durable varieties like lavender.

the Drying in the microwave is excellent to color and Structure of flowers as individual Gerbera, chrysanthemums, roses and tulips to get.

Use for more sensitive Flowers like lilies other Preservation methods, such as presses or frame.

Do not wait too long with the Drying your flowersbecause fully mature flowers during the Drying process Probably lose your petals.

Now that they are the basics of Air drying of flowers We now want to deal with the different ways you have: air drying and drying in the microwave. Remember that dried flowers Father quickly in the sunlight or with extreme heat. Therefore, keep your flowers on a cool place and keep them away from windows.

How to drool flowers in the air


How to drool flowers and kept: 3 ways + ideas


That Drying flowers In the air is one of the most traditional, albeit more time-consuming methods to dry their flowers. This method becomes most of the Work leave the flowers of nature while drying, And you can sit back relaxed and wait for the end result.

This method is best suited for Bouquets or larger floral arrangements also for Larger flowers like sunflowers.

So go if you dry flowers in the air:

Remove excess foliage from the flowers and cut the stems to the desired length (not shorter than 15 cm). So that the flowers their color during the Drying process Keep, take them from the sunlight immediately after cutting.

Hang the flowers Individually up or tie the stems with rubber bands to a Dry bouquet hang out.

Looking for a dark, dry room with good air circulation, z. B. an attic or an unused cabinet. Attach the lower ends of the Floral stalks With a taste-neutral floss on a hanger, so you hang over to dry.

Let the flowers stand for two to three weeks until they are completely dried.

Take the Flowers from the ironing And spray it for protection with unsparized hair spray.

Dry flowers in the microwave


How to drool flowers and kept: 3 ways + ideas


If you like a Faster alternative to air drying Search, there is good news: you can beautiful Dried flowersMake with a device that you probably use every day. For the Drying flowers in the microwave Is silica gel needed that you can find in craft shops. The gel preserves the shape of the flowers and can be used again and again.

Learn how to dry your flowers in the microwave:

Looking for a microwave-proof container in which the flowers fit and also fits the microwave. Do not use a bowl that you want to use food for food after this project.

Cover the bottom of the container with one to two centimeters silica gel Larger flowers a bit more. Place the flowers with the bloom up into the gel and then pour more gel over the Petals. Pour carefully, or use your hands so that the Petals are not plucked.

Set the uncovered container to the microwave. The temperature and time in the microwave depend on the type of flower, so that step requires a little trial. Set the microwave for 2-5 minutes to one or two heat stages over the deft level. Rosen tolerate more heat, while daisy Best at low temperatures are dried.

Check the progress of your Flower in the microwave After about a minute and then every 30 seconds. Increase the heat and time as needed.

As soon as the Flowers completely dried Are open the microwave and cover the container immediately.

Remove the covered container from the microwave, open the lid a quarter of a centimeter and let it stand for 24 hours.

Remove the gel with a fine brush from the Petals And then spray it with an acrylic spray (also available in the craft shop).

Finally, you can dried flowers Exhibit or use for craft projects.


How to conserve flowers

If you are looking for alternative ways of Floral preservation interested, including ideas for craft projects in which you Dried or preserved flowers You can exit, you are exactly right here. From the preservation of flowers in Harz to the pressing of flowers, many options are open. Below you will learn more about the different methods of Floral preservation!

How to preserve dried flowers


How to drool flowers and kept: 3 ways + ideas


If you Preserve drying flowersMake sure your drying flowers are durable as long as possible. Even if Dried flowers are enjoyed longer can be used as freshness Dried flowers Still the danger that you fade or crumble over time.

Preservation methods like immersion in wax, the frame, drying in resin and much more give their Drying flowers a new life. After you have yours Flowers preserved you can have them as decoration, Jewelry or gem Use in your home to create a lively remember.

Below you will find some helpful tips that you at the Preservation of dried flowers It should be noted so that your projects will remain in the coming years.

Wait with the Drying and preserving your flowersuntil they have partially or completely open.

The drying is best for more robust flowers or whole bouquets (eg Roses) while pressing is the best method to smaller, tender flowers (Like lavent branches or daisies) To preserve.

Dried flowers Are long durable regardless of the preservation method. Make sure they are protected from direct sunlight and extreme heat, so that the Flowers keep their color.

Spray your flower After completion with acrylic sealing or wax, to make them durable, regardless of which Preservation technology You decide.

How to conserve flowers in resin


How to drool flowers and kept: 3 ways + ideas


the Preservation of dried flowers In epoxy resin, another very popular method is to present meaningful flowers. Remember that resin is a strong chemical that may be dangerous during inhalation. Therefore, when casting, mixing or handling resin, you should always wear a mask or face protection.

It is easier, Dried flowers in resin To preserve, as fresh, and almost every flower can be used for a resin creation.

Materials for resin flowers:

Dried flowers of your choice - Depending on the size of your creation, choose your dried flowers accordingly. If you z. B. want to produce a necklace of synthetic resin, you should choose a smaller, tender flower like lavender. If you have a bigger one Creation of synthetic resin Manufactale, z. B. a coaster, you can get bigger or several Flowers use.

Other fillings - If you want, you can install other fillings like glitter, beads, sequins or other objects in your project.

resin - Choose a high quality resin so your project has a solid base. Resin can be bought in base sterners or online.

Silicone mold - Make sure that your shape consists of flexible silicone and not made of hard plastic. These forms are also in Batiful available.


Heating tool - You can use a hot air gun or a hairdryer to blow out the air bubbles in your resin when curing.

Mixed cup - Buy new plastic cups or use mugs that you will not use after drinking.

Mixed bodysuit - It is best to use ice sticks or other wooden color mixing sticks that you can buy in a craft or hardware store.

Drip tray - Use an old plate or plastic cup to ensure that the resin does not end up anywhere on your workspace.

rubber gloves - Resin may be detrimental when touched. Therefore, make sure that they wear clean, tear-resistant rubber gloves when dealing with resin.

Facial protection - It is very important to always wear a face protection when dealing with resin, as it is a strong chemical that can have harmful side effects.

Sandpaper - If your shape has sharp edges or you want to make your project as smooth as possible.

toothpick - Use these instead of larger chopsticks to arrange your flowers in the mold or crush air bubbles when curing the resin.

Now that you have your materials ready, you can preserve the flowers in resin.

Mix the hardener and the basic resin. All epoxy resins consist of these two-component systems, which ensure smooth curing of the resin. The exact mixing ratio of hardener and base varies according to the brand and type of the resin, so read the instructions for your special kind carefully. Leave the resin between 12 and 48 hours dry.


As soon as the resin is mixed properly, pour the resin base into the silicone shape of its choice. Before pouring, make sure that your shape is dust and lint-free, as everything is in the mold floats in the resin. Pour the resin in the thickness you want, but make sure that you do not fill more than half the height of your shape.

Use a heat unit (eg a hairdryer) to remove air bubbles from the resin.

Place them the flowers With the front down into your silicone shape and arrange it with a toothpick (not with your hands) to your taste. If you have additional elements like freestanding PetalsIf you want to add sheets, glitter or pearls, arrange them as well.

Let the resin cure for about five hours.

As soon as the first layer of the resin is cured, carefully pour the second layer in its shape. Carefully remove the air bubbles from the resin with a hot air dryer.

Leave the second layer to cure for a further five hours and carefully check if air bubbles have formed.

Check your shape after the second layer is cured. At this time, the resin is not completely cured, but should not be sticky anymore.

Carefully take the object from the silicone mold. The object is still slightly flexible, so remove the shape slowly to avoid wrinkling or breakage.

Leave the object flat on a paper towel or a plate so it can harden it. If necessary, grind all sharp edges with sandpaper to get a smooth surface.


Flowers in synthetic resin Can for jewelry, decoration, Reminder boxes and much more used. Be sure to protect your resin creations from direct sunlight, as they bleach the flowers with time and the project opaque can be clearly clear.

Other ideas for the preservation of flowers

With all the many possibilities, To preserve flowers, it can be hard to decide only for one. To facilitate the choice, you will find nine more suggestions as you dried flowers can keep from art projects to Floral decorationwhere you can enjoy for many years.

Design an infinite bouquet for an anniversary or a wedding party.

Combine dried flowers With essential oils to make a potpourri.

Use meaningful blossoms And other objects to assemble a shadow box.

Press a single Flower in a glass beadto create a unique necklace.

Celebrate the holidays with ornaments from dried flowers, resin and glitter.

How to drool flowers and kept: 3 ways + ideas


Bring a touch of romance in their facility with decorative, with Dried flowers Stuffed glasses.

Create your door inviting by Dried flowers integrated into a seasonal wreath.

frame pressed flowers In order to create a meaningful mural with a handwritten note or a favorite poem.

Dive Flowers in wax one to an incomprehensible Table decoration to create that you do not have to replace.

from Birthday flowers to flowerswho are given away after a concert - these methods of Floral preservation contribute to preserving special memories in the form of memorabilia. Share yours Dried or preserved flowers with us - we love it, Handicraft photos with our community to share!











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