How to dry flowers - dried flowers

This simple and beautiful handicraft is the perfect addition to your home.


That Drying flowers for preservation purposes has been around since ancient times. There is even evidence of the Preserving flowersThat to the Egyptians go back, they used to decorate graves. Dried flowers are not only a beautiful decorationBut can also serve as a meaningful souvenirs - a way to a Dried flowers wedding bouquet or one Pin to keep for years in honor. "Of the Process of drying flowers is it the resistance "to convert from a fresh, pliable state to a brittle state, explained Diana, owner of studio Dry Flower Blossom. In other words, means to dry flowers, to let all the water evaporate.



Dried flowers deco

Dried flowers decoration


But not all flowers can be dry well, So it is important that you choose your flowers wisely. "Roses are among the most popular and most leichtesten course dried varietiesBut there are also many other great options as Hydrangeas and peoniesWho are also excellent as Dried flowers are"Says Diana, florist and founder of the Flower wholesaler Dry Flower Blossom. "For additional structure can be a number of 'Füllblumen' use such. B. Baby's breath, statice, Solidago and Brunia ".

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  • flower
  • Clothes hangers and hangers
  • scissors
  • Twine, cut into 10 to 12 cm long pieces. For every flower that you dry, you need a piece of string.

The procedure

If your Select flowers from a bouquet, Take each one out and separate them before all outer leaves and PetalsThat moist, have wilted or discolored, remove it. "Cut off about one centimeter from the lower end of the stem so that the drying process can start in a fresh, clean condition, "Diana recommends one end of the string at the bottom of the stem to tie, so that a long end remains to get it on Drying rack or hanger to fix. "Begin at one end of the bracket, so runs the flowers hang around," she says. "Bind the next flower in the same way, but three to five centimeters from the previous flower removed. Continue this process for each of your flowers away, and you should make sure the flowers do not touch, as this could hinder the Auslüftungsprozess.

Place the Drying rack or bracket with the bound, suspended flower at a dry place in your home and let them two to three weeks undisturbed. "Thicker flowers, such as roses, take longer to dry, while thinner Flowers such as lavender, hydrangeas or grasses dry faster"She says. The waiting is the hardest part, but you stopped by, because the end result is definitely worth the wait.


Arrange them

After three weeks, it is time that cut flowers from the line and to remove the excess cord. "Tie the Flowers together and hang It in a mirror, make them together into a dry vase or make individual stems in vases"She says." Whatever you decide, it will be beautiful and you will prolong the enjoyment of them.

Keep them clean

"So that you are longer Enjoy your flowersIf you keep them a little clean: Dried flowers like everything else are prone to dust. At least a pantyhose over the end of the Vacuum cleaner hosekeep the hose five centimeters from the Dried flowers Removed and suck off, "recommends Diana." So take Dust and spider weave on, while their flowers remain intact.


Make a touch of autumn gloss in your home with these seasonal home improvement projects


Decorate a vine wreath, Point candles, centered and much more with accents that fit at the season.


wreath dried flowers - dried flowers deco

Wreath dried flowers dry flowers deco


To bring your home in Thanksgiving moodput on the halo effect of the Autumn. We have been inspired by the natural color splendor of the season and the shimmering Copper and gold tones, the glowing Rotting and the earthy Orann Too striking (and amazingly simple) Decoration ideas Processed that give each ambience light and heat. Transform z. B. A simple vine wreath with a few send supplements such as dried rabbit cocks, Sora pods (We painted the inside of gold painted) and stitched from earthy velvet Autumn flowers"In an eye-catcher for special occasions - here is the instructions. And since these materials (as well as the other of our autumn projects, see below) consist of durable materials - from Dried leaves and pods up to rich Velvet - You can set it up year after year.

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Wreath dried flowers deco -trockenblumen


Drying flowers deco


Autumn flickering

Create a atmospheric ambience With these leaf-rich, light-reflecting collar, which we made from copper sheet: cut off the leaves, turn the stems on wire and wrap them Delicate about candles.


Fruity ideas

With your jewel colored color and your sparkling cores are Pomegranate Cross-cultural a symbol of abundance, happiness and love. Welcome your guests with a plush version that simultaneously as a placeholder and Party gift Serves. From pumpkin- and pink velvet made, brown linen lined and filled with fibers plush fruits give a foliage, bowls with golden nuts and contrasting senard napkins covered table a special structure.


Blessing of the harvest

The cornucopia stands since the Greek antiquity for rich harvest. The legend after the small Zeus collapsed the horn accidentally from his goat's bubysitter, whereupon it turned into a cornucopia, from which a non-ending feast bubbled. Although their guests have other plans for dinner, but they will still appreciate the classic as a panel attachment or sideboard decoration - especially if they cover him with this plush. Put the inside with velvet, attach the fabric with a pair of stitches and fill the opening with gold-colored Nuts and pomegranates (From velvet and dried), which protrude over the edge.

Dried flowers deco

Dry bouquet


Eternal Flame

A flame of shimmering, Dried branches is easier and seasonal as flowers, And she will never need to be wither or water. Simply arrange preserved beech leaves in one big vase (A few days in advance), and let your burnished tones illuminate your dining table or your sideboard as long as you like.



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