How to drool flowers: 5 methods for dried flowers

There are a number of different methods for drying flowers that everyone can try at home.


Dried flowers


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What is the method of drying flowers?


There are many different methods for Dried flowersBut each process slowly escapes the flowers and evenly the moisture while the color and condition of flower remain. Here are five methods for Dried flowers.

Air drying: Air drying is the most traditional method for Dried flowers. Around To dry flowers in the air, tie a row of small bouquets and hang upside down. This method takes up two to four weeks as the flowers need long enough without a kind of accelerator to completely dry. The air drying is ideal for Dried bouquets for table decorations or decorative accents in your home.

In the microwave: When drying in the microwave, the flowers together with a bowl Desiccant - Like silica gel or cat litter - heated in the microwave so that the plant dries without shrinkage. the Microwave method Allows you to see the result within days instead of weeks, and is best suited for Floral heads Or smaller plants and not for whole bouquets.

Drying Method: You can easily put your flowers in a bed of desiccant - z. B. Cat litter or silica gel - immerse and leave them for a few weeks to get out of moisture. This method lasts longer than the microwave treatment, but it can Get color of flowers better.

to bake: When baking you dry your flowers by baking them at low temperature a few hours in the oven. This is a fast method for Dried flowersBut many petals can be lost. In addition, this method is not the best to preserve the color of the flowers.

Press: When pressing flowers, the moisture is pressed out of the flower with heavy objects. Pressing is an effective method to Flowers for crafting, artworks or stationery to dry.

Dried flowers


Which types of flowers are suitable for drying?


Some examples of Dried flowersbest suited to dry are:

Robust flowers: Small and sturdy flowers like hydrangeas, amaranth, lavender, veil herb, celosia and straw flowers are well suited for air drying, as they have a lower water content than other flowers and during the long Drying process Good.

Flowers with multiple layers: Large, dense flowers or flowers with open petals such as roses, tulips, tin and chrysanthemums can be well tolerated the heat of the oven or microwave.
Smaller or flat flowers: Small or flat flowers with a single one Layer of petals are best for pressing. Some flowers that can be pressed are Daisies, pansies, lavender fires and violen.

Larger flowers: Big flowers or sensitive flowers should be stored in a sealed container with moisture-treating substance. Lilac, pansies, dahlias, peonies and daisies are good if they are in one Dry remedy dried will.


7 uses for dried flowers


Dried flowers Have a number of uses, including the following.

potpourri: You can Dried flowers Use a mixture of petals in a bowl or bag that brings fragrance and color into your home.

Wedding bouquet: Dried flowers keep your shape and color longer than fresh flowers, what you are becoming a more reliable and more attractive option for your wedding day can make.

Dryer rays: Bind big dried flowers to a Flower together, if you have one Creative accent for your wedding look Search or something that the appearance of yours Bridesmaids added.

Decorative dryer bouquets: Dry bouquets are an alternative to fresh Bouquetswho can preserve your appearance much longer than fresh flowers.

Adhesive books: If you have a special Bunch of flowerswho you would like to keep from a loved one, you can keep the Flowers as souvenirs like jewelry or bookmark.
Craft projects: You can dried flowers to a number of home improvement projects like handmade Add maps, candles or wall artwork.

Give away: You can Dried flowers tie with a band to a gift and such a creative accent for each Christmas gift set.


5 tips for drying flowers


The following list contains some tips on how to Best to dry flowers.

Use fresh flowers. Choose to Dry flowersjust opening up to maximize your durability and reduce the risk of losing petals. Cut your flowers only when the morning dew is straight.

Use healthy flowers. the healthier flowers Are longer durable. So make sure that the flowers are unaffected, damaged or impaired for some reason.

Dry your flowers outside the direct sunlight. Dry your flowers out of direct sunlight, because the light makes the color of flowers fade.

Keep away from moisture. Choose to Drying your flowers a dry, moisture-free place with a light breeze.
Preserve your flowers with hair spray. Spray your Flowers after drying with hair spray, so that Dried flowers keep your shape and the Petals Do not fall off.



How to drool flowers in the air

Around To dry flowers in the air, you need a scissor, cord or a rubber band and a dark, dry placeon which you can hang them. Here's an overview of how to drill flowers in the air.

Choose your flowers. Use rugged flowers that retain your petals for air drying. Pick up as many flowers as possible, because it may be that you are during the Drying process Some lose.

Defeated and bunch your flowers. Disconnect the flowers to varieties, tying the same species. Bigger flowers should individually dried will. Remove all sheets from the racks and cut them to the desired length. Limit your bundles to about three stems.

Tie the stems together. Use a rubber band or string to firmly hold the plant stems together without bending or bending. Remember that the Stem while drying shrink.

Hang up your flowers. Hang the Flowers head over the fresh air. You can bind the flowers with a piece of yarn to a stick, whereby the distance between the bundles should be at least 15 cm. If you have no natural place to hang your flower You can use a hanger or hook. When your petals are crisp, they are completely dried. Of the Drying process Can take between two and four weeks, but depending on the size of the bundles also longer.


Prepare flowers in the microwave

Flowers in the microwave to dry with a desiccantIs a process that does not last weeks, but only one day. For the microwave method, you only need a microwave, scissors, one Desiccant And a cup of water. Here is an overview of the drying of flowers in the microwave.

Remove the foliage. Remove the remaining sheets and cut the stem so that it fits in the microwave-proof container.
Cover the flower with desiccant. Before you put the flower in the container, you fill it with a layer of moisture-absorbing desiccant (eg silica) and then put the flower on it. Fill the remainder of the container with silica while the flower is on the first silica layer.

Make it with a cup of water into the microwave. Place the container with the Flower together With a measuring cup with water in the microwave, so that the flower does not dry too much.
Heat gradually. Heat your flower in the microwave in 30-second steps. As soon as the Petals dry Coming, take the Flower from the microwave. Leave the flower in the silica for at least another 24 hours before removing, cleaning and issuing it.


Dry flowers with a desiccant

If you do not have a microwave, you can also flow flowers in a container Dry dry. It can take up to a week until yours Flowers dried But these method will eventually dry out and help you to get your color. Here is an overview of the Dried flowersIn a desiccant.

Choose your drying agent. You can use silica gel with a little salt or simple cat litter to pull the moisture out of the flowers. Choose a large container and pour the Desiccant In it to create a bed for your flowers. Wear a mouthguard and gloves when working with the desiccant.

Remove the foliage. Remove the remaining leaves of The flowers and cut The stalk so that it fits in the container. Depending on the size of the container, you may need to shorten the stems of the flowers.
Cover your Flowers with desiccant. Immerse the flowers in the desiccant and cover it with a lid to enclose it.
Let the flowers dry. It can take two to seven days until yours Flowers dried are. Take a look after about five days to see progress. As soon as the Petals dried You can be exhibited. Remove the excess sand and set it off.


How to drool flowers in the oven

Baking your flowers in the oven is a quick and easy method to dry them. Her flowers can lose petals or paint in the oven. This method is best suited if you make Potpourri. Here is a brief overview of the Dried flowers in the oven.

Remove the foliage. Remove the remaining Leaves from the flowersAs the green may not dry well in the oven. Place the flowers on a baking sheet placed on a biscuit plate.

Bake the flowers. Bake the flowers for about two hours in a oven heated to 200 degrees. Check your flowers after an hour. If you are shocked, you can take it out.

Let them Drying flowers. As soon as your flowers are cooled, you can use them.


How to press flowers

Everything you need to press flowers, Parchment or wax paper and a heavy book or a flat object is. Here is a short overview about it, How to drool flowers.

Choose the right flowers. Choose Flat flowers or flowers with thick petalsBecause these are best for pressing.
Put your flowers between paper. Put your flowers between two pieces parchment or wax paper and place them flat on a table. You can also hit a large, thick book in the middle and lay out the pages with non-stick paper.

exert pressure. Put a heavy, flat object on the paper with the flower or carefully close the book in which you dry the flowers. Let them Pressed flowers Stand on a warm, dark and dry place.

Replace the dry paper. Check your flowers after about a week. Replace the consumed paper through fresh, dry paper, but be careful, because yours Flowers are in a very sensitive State. Repeat this process until the flowers Fully driedwhat can take up to four weeks.


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