How long keep dried flowers

Dried flowers are ubiquitous lately, you Immerse anywhere in our social networks and search engines. We are always seeing more Dried flowers in the apartments, offices and on weddings - And there is a reason for this. Dried flowersare a good investment and very much compared to fresh flowers consistent. You may ask yourself: Why should I spend a few hundred euros for flowers that do not last long? But they do.

How long dried flowers hold?

If you care properly, hold dried flowers for years. you have one Lifetime of at least 1 yearand if the Flowers in glycerin preserved or colored Were, you can hold up to 5 or 6 years. If you have yours Flowers from moisture and protect direct sunlight, they will hold long.


dried flowers


Dried flowers are a great alternative to fresh flowerswho only hold a week or a maximum of 10 days. You can look just as beautiful or even better than fresh flowers, the at least 39 euros for one decent bouquet cost. Even if they are more expensive than fresh flowers, they do not have to watch as they are withering, thinking about the swelling of the stinking water or cutting the stems, hoping that they still hold a few days.

Maybe you are someone who buys fresh flowers every week to watch how they must slow down and thrown away. That costs money, and the gardening tone or the compost too. So why not Dried flowers change and no longer take care of it? They are in the trend and are environmentally friendly. These are flowers I would like to invest.

Today we will answer the most common questions about dried flowers:


  • How long are conserved and dried flowers durable?
  • How do I care dry flowers?
  • Are dried flowers moldy?
  • Do dry flowers keep their color?


How long keep dried flowers?



How long are dry flowers durable?

Even though Keep conserved and dried flowers long, they are not forever durable. Dried flowers are a sustainable and affordable option for your home, your Workplace or your wedding. They are longer durable and do not have to be disposed of every week, as is the case with fresh flowers. The conditions under which their conserved and Dried flowers kept will be crucial for yours lifespanbut in general Dried flowers hold for many years.

Preserved flowers usually have a longer life because they are in Glycerin preserved and were inserted and may be dyed. As long as they are properly maintained Dried flowers and leaves be stable at least one or two years.


How do I care dry flowers?

One of our favorite characteristics of Dried flowers is that they are very Easy to care. You do not have to worry about changing the water and cutting the stems of the flowers (from the care of Indoor plants I do not start first). Our best tips to make your flowers look as good as on the day they got them:

Do not pour them, never.

Carefully treat your flowers as they are very sensitive and can be easily dropped with repeated handling.
Protect them from direct Sunlight, humidity and wind.
Keep them dust-free (bubble them easily with a hair dryer at a low level from afar).


Can dry flowers shimmish?

Unfortunately, you can do that. Her Dried flowers can shimmishif you do not store them properly. Although they are very easy to clean, you can shimmold if they do not store them correctly or issue them. We know that you maybe your house with Dried flowers Want to cover (we do that), but we strongly recommend that you do not keep you in places that are prone to moisture. These are places like the bathroom or the windowsill in the middle of winter (if the windows are fogged). If you have your bathroom with Dried flowers If you want to decorate, you should remember that they are shimmering over time or starting to wither as they do not tolerate the moisture and condensation (we tried it).





Lose dried flowers your color?

If you have yours Dried flowers Keep right at home, you should not lose your color for a long time. Note our guide to Care of dried flowersto make sure your flower outlong the time. After a few years, if the flower Not colored, the color begins to fade. Let us know if your conserved and dried flowers a little sad appearance. We can refresh you for you and replace some sad-looking stems through beautiful, luminous stems. We have a bouquet more preserved flower placed on a windowsill, which gets the most of the time of the day direct sunlight. We have found that the Fading flowers relatively quickly And almost turn into a paper-like texture. So pay attention to where your flowers are stored.

All in all Dried flowers A good investment. They are an affordable and sustainable alternative to fresh flowerswho do not last longer than 7-10 days. You may pay the double price for a bouquet fresh flowersbut you just look incredibly good. And have we already mentioned that you will stay for years?

We convinced you, a few Dried flowers For yourself or as a gift to buy? We have a large selectionwhich is constantly updated. Or we can use them individual arrangement Compile your color palette and budget.



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