As I fell in love with dried flowers ...

Dried flowers are good for your business

A Dry bouquet with a long shelf life and perpetuation of the product. And that in a time of economic crisis. Is that a coincidence? Dried flowers are not the first thing you think about someone cheer, right? Yes, I maintain that Dried flowers are good for your business.

It was never appealing to me

That old-fashioned image does not benefit the product. It's really just a strange invention, something that we as Florist prepares really goose bumps. Finally, we have to provide us always endeavor as fresh as possible so that each flower buds, the smell hits you and the transience touches you. Fresh flowers remain only a short time in your home, so it is of course a must to enjoy them. Dried, dead or limp flowers thrown away.

Everyone knows it, this dusty triangular arrangements from dried palm leaves and a single coconut on a skewer. This has never appealed to me, I never considered anything I wanted at all.

Those damn dried flowers

Our beloved flowers are now dried Specimens which an awfully long life in the vase to have. Yes, say critical FloristWhich is bad for business. And yes, that's right. These damn dried flowers last longer than our beloved fresh varieties. But the product is really comparable? Should not begin to see it as a completely different product, we? And is this bad for your business? After all, there is already a trend that is touted by many dear colleagues on Instagram. Would not it be foolish not to jump on the train of success?

Invent the old-fashioned trend again

How can you offer it and ensure that it is estimated? How can you reinvent the old-fashioned trend? Therein lies the challenge: to give the recent success of a new face. And then bring it on Instagram advertising to the consumer! A good idea, I think.

When Holland's Best Flower stylist in Things dried flowersWhich is a business downfall? To be honest, I initially had relatively little guilt. In fact, one has to change his mind in times of crisis. As COVID-19 hit us with a completely different life, it was important to rearrange his own life. You start to think about what I do and what options are available in the flower industry. Dried flowers !! That Drying the flowersThat we were not allowed to bring in the trade, of course, was the challenge after we had so much surplus.


In love with dried flowers

I came back just in mid-March cold from Thailand, where I just designed a beautiful wedding and did a photo shoot. There I had Dutch dried flowers and also fresh flowers processed. As a teenager, I fell in love with everything related Dried flowers has to do. The big difference with fresh flowers that you Dried flowers can turn into any shape and - very important - that they do not need water to stay beautiful. And you can easily stick, for example. I had hopelessly fallen in love with the many possible uses of dried and canned products. I also dreamed of huge buildings in India.

When I with the airplane in the Netherlands returnedI was amazed at the impact that the corona already had on our country. I called all the customers, because I had to tell them that all the planned activities had to be postponed. The borders were closed, and I saw my business go up in smoke, like so many others.

dried flowers


I felt empty and thought, "Damn, if I do not do something, I'll go crazy, I remember very well that it was Easter and I bored on Instagram for something sought that would cheer me up and there they were.. ... dried flowersBeing! A sponsored display of 'Speciaal' Dried flowers.

Then I had the brilliant plan a, Webshop for dry bouquets to found ! I have recognized the trend and did due to their irresistible passion that I had to act right now.


As I fell in love with dried flowers ...


Each dry bouquet is hand bound

Our dry bouquetscharacterized by composition and bonding techniques. This means that each Bouquet from a flower arranger is bound by hand. And it shows the result also. In my career I have seen many e-commerce companies that when sending Bouquets fail, loveless bouquets that find their way into the vase. I believe that you will not make it in the end. It is always the love for the product to have the one rescues and helps to keep the fun of it and satisfied customers. For this one makes it, too! Do you agree with our Bunch of flowers unsatisfied? then you can return it.

Dried flowers are old-fashioned? For grandma with bad taste? No, I do not think so. Where Dried flowers formerly a dusty Image had, the Dry Flower Trend now a real blast! Everybody has to Buy dried flowers onlineBeing! We have a large selection of colorful dry bouquets. Our luxurious appearance can you imagine what it can mean for you, our Dried flowers give pleasure. That's why our motto is: "We sell happiness." During the COVID-19, this was a great invention. We benefited from all the people who went out from home to work and wanted something to cheer. The positive thing was that one for a long time at the can enjoy dried flowersThey were therefore their money, even if the purchase is worth slightly more expensive.

What's next?

Of the Dry Flower Trend will be dead in two years. And what do you do! What's next? That is, already thinking about how you can continue to meet customer needs your. With an e-commerce company, you can finally see exactly who your customers are. Our goal is simple, we want our make customers happyBeing! We are determined to make it a major international success. Who will help us?





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