Which thread should you use for a macrame spring?

The Macrame Feather is a great idea for a Bohemia design.


On one Dream catcher or on a macrame wall Place, gives it a touch of delicacy and poetry, which is irresistible! To beautify your house, you want one Macrame spring self made. Which thread should one for one Macrame spring use? No panic, my-Dryblumen-Blossom.comAnswer your questions.

The ideal thread for a macrame spring


The ideal thread for a macrame spring


the Production of a macrame spring Istonely difficult: this project is feasible for everyone! To be successful, take the thread that is best suited for this creation. That depends on the size of the desired spring, but also from your general look.


The ideal thread for a macrame spring



If yours Macrame feather for jewelry It is determined, the thread should be very thin, with a diameter of about 1 mm. If, on the other hand, the spring should only be used for decorative purposes, the thread may be thicker, z. B. with a diameter of 2 mm.

For the central shaft of the spring, you can use a stiff, thick thread that holds all the threads together. The others Feather threads can be made of a softer material, Cotton cord or even wool. The latter is easily reminiscent of the delicacy and lightness of a real feather!

The different types of threads for your macrame spring



The ideal thread for a macrame spring


A Macrame spring To make, there are several ways. Some have long, pointed shapes, other rather airy springs that bring the impression away. Depending on the desired appearance, you should take the time to determine the length of the thread required and its nature. In most cases, a soft, breathing yarn looks at your Macrame spring Best!

Before you decide for a yarn, you should think about what yours Macrame spring ultimately to be used. Will it be hanged on a wall? Or should it be a few Each earrings?

Production of a macrame spring


Production of a macrame spring


Hang a central thread on a support, for example on a branch of driftwood. Then make a series of knots along the main thread. Note that yours Macrame spring Depending on the type of knot you make is not exactly the same. Simple nodes, Flat knot or inverted flat knots Can give a different look that is just as nice!

Cut the edges at the end of your work, if necessary, to give her the shape of a spring. Do not forget to carefully unravel the threads with a cozy comb. You can also decorative elements such. Legs natural wooden bead insert.

If yours Macrame Feather is ready, you can repeat the process over and over again! Play with the number of threads to achieve volume effects. Finally, you can enjoy a number of feathers in different sizes and colors with a lot of fun. On a wall hanging or a Macrame dream trap Hanged, give your Home a unique atmosphere.

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