Which plant for macrame?

For every season, we want to feel the presence of nature around us and in our homes.


With macrame, a traditional technique with knots, you can easily make beautiful objects for presenting Make plants. Which plant should be used for a macrame? Are some plants suitable for our macrame creations better than others? We will see that in this article.

Plants and macrame: a natural combination


Which plant for macrame?


Macrame is so good for the Combination with plantsbecause this old method is based on simplicity. The node weaving is based on authentic and environmentally friendly materials such as string, rope and wool.

The macrame technology brings the most beautiful Indoor plants Effortless to use. the Creation of planting vessels or macrame farmers thus contributes to a trendy and natural decoration. Inspiration can be found on the website Dryblumen-Blossom.com!

Whether hanging or standing, Macrame crop creations are perfect for one Exceptional effect or one Personal atmosphere to accomplish. In the living room, in the kitchen or in the bathroom can be Macrame slope plant be attached quickly and without drilling or holes. Hung on a ladder, a bar, a shelf or even a branch in the garden, your work will easily find its place!

The most suitable plant varieties for macrame


The most suitable plant varieties for macrame


Plants with hanging leaves are particularly good for macrameSlope baskets and look great. The ivy is winterhart, may be moisture and does not need special care. Why should not it stand in a room with water? In winter, however, you should be in front of frost when he stands on the balcony.

South Africa-based succulent pearl necklace is a fat plant that looks like a curtain of green beads. She is easy to breed and appreciates bright light: In the window, she thrives even better than it is resistant to dryness.

The Aeschynanthus is perfect for a cool space with steamed light and is easy to maintain. The stowed in Southeast Asia can be brought into a beautiful shape by reclecting the branches.

A trendy plant decoration of macrame


A trendy plant decoration of macrame


To enjoy a green cornerwithout overloading the floor area are Slope Ideal to create a hanging garden. Vary the Plants and dare it, plants for an original and aesthetic decoration to mix!

Finally, if you like the jungle atmosphere that breaks through the monotony of an empty interior, you decide for leaf plants with bright colors such as Tradescantia, which bring a touch of red, silver or gold.

In harmony with the texture and the braid of the Macrame Fit the plants wonderfully in their creations. Choose succulents that are easy to store, and Slope for your Slope. Macrame is ideal to put your plants in scene, and helps create a pleasant atmosphere and a soft, lively interior that you do not want to leave!

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