What is macrame?

She is omnipresent, and yet it is sometimes difficult for us to define them. Macrame is everywhereBeing! After being busy our ancestors, he now proves to be a must in our interiors.

With the Enthusiasm for the interior and Scandinavian style is macrame, the technique of making knots, again on everyone's lips and has a great future in front of him!

Macrame, between know-how and tradition


What is macrame?


The macrame Dates from the 13th century, but there was probably long before, probably in antiquity. This method of knot float, which was popular with the seafarers on their ship's travel, can be used for making many more useful and decorative Items used.

Macrame is easy to learn, requires little equipment and can be for everyone possible creations. By changing from nodes with Cotton lines, Threads or even laces you get a woven work. Depending on the inspiration, it is created hammock, a clothing, one bag or even curtain.

Whether broken or opaque, thin or thick, Macrame changed its character depending on the node, The thickness of the thread or the skill of the curfer.

The art of macrame is constantly renewed


What is macrame?


Macrame becomes more than ever to a standard in the Today's decoration. Macrame is because of its simplicity, his authenticity And appreciated and is a trendy material!

Available in neutral, ocher or Pastel colored tones, he kidnaps us into a world in which we can forget for a moment of laziness. In perfect Harmony with natural wood furniture And decorations, he inflicts effortlessly into the whole house.

Ideal in the nurseryWhere he stimulates the fantasy of little ones, he is pure in the bathroom and original. In the kitchen or in the bathroom he lets himself well with one Slope or a small Accent combine.

Finally, he invites you, in one Living room To relax in which he brings his natural look and a real coziness.


Macrame, timeless and timeless

Thanks to the diverse design possibilities is Macrame still very popular. It's easy to practice and does not require special skills or materials. If you have that Adventure Macrame Irritating, then look atDryblumen-Blossom.compast.

Here you will find all advice you need to be nice To create macrame creations. First try a few nodes and you will quickly make progress in improving your technology! Jewelery, pillows, curtains, Dream catchers and lamps made of macrame Will soon no more secrets have for you.

Macrame is a knotting methodwhich has been passed on from generation to generation for centuries. Today he is an integral part of our Decoration. Macrame is easy to manufacture and combine, it promotes authenticity in our home and opens up numerous opportunities for individual design. Do not wait any longer and start with macrame!

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