What is the stabilized flower? Dried flowers

What is the stabilized flower? Dried flowers


Flowers have the power to fascinate everyone and to enchant us, Either through their scent, their delicacy or their angelic color. We all want them to last forever and our interiors beautify, but their beauty is often short-lived.

Many brides want a on her big day wear floral jewelryBut are afraid wilted at the end of the evening with a bald or Crown to stand. Fortunately Stabilized flowers give the impression of a fresh flower and are kept for several years. What is a stabilized flower?


What is the stabilized flower? Dried flowers


What is the stabilized flower? Dried flowers

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How do I get a stabilized bloom?

stabilized flowers are natural, fresh-looking flowersWhich were frozen during the aging process. They retain their youthful looks for several years after the stabilizationWithout having to be maintained or watered. The only thing you have to do is to them, as they may lose their luster over time to protect a lot of moisture and direct sunlight prior to otherwise.

The production of stabilized flowers as a break in the curve maturity of the plant. This is achieved in that the natural juice Flower by glycerol is replaced, making the flower for several years retains its original state, without losing their softness and color brilliance.


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Driedflumenstrauss with Eucalyptus | BELLA RENDEZVOUS




Specifically, the art comprises stabilizing steps: The flowers are picked in full bloom, soaked for several days in a solution of glycerin, mineral salts and water and then several weeks dried, It being ensured that the flower heads pointing downwards. Although this method is simple on paper, it must be by a professional in an industrial environment are carried out, as a private individual does not have the necessary facilities or access to the Stabilization products required features. On the Internet, some stabilization sets are sold, but by no means a of high quality stabilized flowersresult.

Of the stabilization process however, can be divided depending on the flowers and leaves in different, more complex techniques, such as the stabilization by immersion. Some methods combine several techniques simultaneously.

The advantage of this know-how has relatively low environmental impact, and most producers who continue to use it, go over to organic farming.


The mantra of Driedflumen-Blossom, Timelessness, refers to the core business of the brand, puts the full of ideas, a creative than the other based on a recurring element: the everlasting flower, flowers dried or stabilized.

at Driedflumen-Blossom We use both methods in combination, to beautify the creations with diverse and shimmering textures and colors. the rose for example can dried or stabilized be, and both methods give it a different, but still beautiful appearance. A boon to creativity!

All our accessories are made of stabilized flowers Made, such. As our wreaths, combs and bouquets, often mixed with dried flowers. So you can easily order your accessories for your preparations in advance and keep as souvenir!

Stabilized flowers have a great potential for the decorationWhat is a completely different world that is to discover.

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