What is Boho Chic?

Regards BohemianBeing! You want more about the Boho chic to know? ☮️ Here you are right, welcome home! Here you will find the origin of this fairytale as well as many tips for one 100% boho lookBeing! Close the eyes, open your Chakras and embark with me in this wonderful world the end feathers, Velvet and love! ❤️

Boho-chic, also known as Boho-chic, is a romantic design stylethat Hippie- and Boho inspirations oriented. It has been popular since the 1990s, their today's roots go back to the 1960s and the then counterculture movement. Some even go back to the England of the 19th century. Over the decades, popularity continued to grow, also thanks to various prominent or personalities who literally wear the style on their back. Of the bohemian style is a Reminiscence to the pop culture, And that makes him so unique!


What is Boho Chic?


If you ever big Music events like coachella in California or Fashion show have seen, you probably have a form of Boho-chic in action seen. Of the Boho-Chic style Is characterized by Warm sounds And a graceful look superimposed by patterns in all colors. This gives it a very Eclectic appearance. The term "Bohemian"Refers to the counterculture: people who reject the establishment and live according to their own rhythm.
If you have now curious about this unique design trend, read on to find out everything and how you can implement it yourself.

1-the etymology of Bohemia


What is Boho Chic?


The word itself is strange and often confusing for some people. Defined as an unconventional way to tend to be together with like-minded people, they were in the past for Artist, Musician, Literaten and even for those who, after transcenders and spiritual Searched activities. Although these Bohous Often social and politically established against the state, they sometimes express their philosophy that they undertake to reduce their consumption.
In the nineteenth century the term was Bohous For the first time in English 🇬🇧 used and referred mainly to writers, actors and musicians in European big cities. Many of them lived a non-traditional life. The term "Bohous"Even was in 1848 from the French bohemian taken over what literally translates "Gypsy" means.
Falsely, it was assumed that the Gypsy from Bohemia come to today Czech Republic Belongs, the largest and westernmost historical part of the Czech territory. However, since the Gypsies were historically a nomadic folk, which drew throughout Europe, receives the meaning of the word "Bohemian"As a representative of an unconventional counterculture an additional importance.


2-the story of the boho chic

There is really no one who can say (not even historian!), "Aha, that's the origin of the Boho Chic! "Nevertheless, there were crucial moments after the word was added to the English language that give us evidence of his development as an independent design style.
The elements that we associate with this design trend today, go to the middle to the end of the 19th century, and in particular the Pre-Raphaelite movement, which was so named because they are the against the emphasis on elegant compositions and classical poses by Renaissance painter Raphael turned that blighted his opinion the art. 🖼
Their philosophy was based on the belief that art must be reformed from the ground up by the so-called mechanistic method of work was of Mannerism (Raphael's successor), which was characterized by more artificial design elements rejected. The Pre-Raphaelites wanted to return to the ideals of the Quattrocento art, so to Italy of the 15th century, from:

  • complex compositions
  • vivid colors
  • Exaggerated details

Therefore, many of her paintings have one for the period in which they arise (mid to late 19th century), unconventional style. As a result, her paintings were one of the earliest examples of Bohemian art, especially her portraits of women. Pia de 'Tolomei, a leading painter of the Pre-Raphaelites Dante Gabriel Rossetti, is a good example.


What is Boho Chic?


What this painting also a Bohemian paintings making is the importance that is attached to the detail in both the face and in the clothes of the sitter as well as in the background. Also of note is the striking similarity between the representation of women and the portrayal of women in Art Nouveau works, they showed mostly in long robes, surrounded by nature. The Art Nouveau reached its peak from the late 12th to the early 20th century.


The English embroiderer Jane Morris has certain characteristics that could bring to today's bohemian-chic in connection such. B.:
Layered clothing (although there are layers in the background composition)
mixed patterns (Waves in her hair, wrinkles in their clothes)
Neutral and vivid colors for a Pop Effect
If we then go quickly back to the first half of the 20th century, we find references to the Bohemia as a form of fashion, specifically from an unlikely source. So the English historian pointed A. N. Wilson in his 2005 published work suggests that the famous model Kate Moss in 2002 as Boho-chic was designated because they Lynx Mini-tops and woven leather belt combined pieces like. However, it was the British actress Sienna Miller, who is due to it that the look went mainstream.


What is Boho Chic?


In 2004, Miller stepped on the De GlasonBury Festival 🎉 with high-profile fashion in Boho-chic on. Life in London's North Kensington, which since the 1950s, always with Boho-chic was associated, had influenced.
In the following years other female celebrities took this Hippie chic lookIncluding the actresses Zooey Deschanel and Mischa Barton as well as musicians such as Florence Welch of the indie rock band Florence + the Machine.


Today it is clear that this approach has made the fancy here and there borrowing funds from other design trends, which is very common in the movements. As mentioned earlier, there are significant overlaps with certain themes and aesthetics of Art Nouveau.
In addition, the term "Bohemian chic"In itself a contradiction, since it flattering and economical aspects of the Bohemian verbindet.🤩 with the elegant and expensive accessories chic fashion




To illustrate this, here an overview of the main features of this design trends. 😍
The basic components for a Boho wardrobe! 👚 :


Colors reminiscent of spring and summer: (beige, white, pastel and Chiffon as well as the inevitable turquoise!)
Hippie jewelry: Bracelets, earrings, rings, necklaces (with pearls and ethnic motives)

  • Floating skirts and clothes (often with floral motifs)
  • Kimonos or rural tunics with tassels or fringes
  • Loose pants
  • Boots, sandals or suede stresses
  • Haarbands or flower wreaths
  • And finally the indispensable bohemian lace dress

To make a nice Bohemian decoration, we need! 🛋 :
. One relaxed atmosphere!

The usage of Natural materials or noble materials like hemp, Dried flowers,  bamboo, Brass, Gold metal Or stainless steel!

Environmental lighting: Lanterns, Candles and Table lamps
Thanks to these little tips you will be one Relaxing decoration have that envelops you!


What is Boho Chic?



Pampasgras What is Boho Chic?


Around 100% Bohemian graphics We need! 📸:

  • Neutral colors (from Earth tones up to Metallic silver tones)
  • Many floral and botanical motives, dried flowers ...
  • Subject in general
  • Mixed patterns and prints
  • Contrast, both in color and in texture

Perceptible excess and Eclecticism (in contrast to Minimalism, for example)

Overall, it is one eclectic trendwho takes bonds from different areas to create his own unique style that leaves a lasting impression. These different elements characterize the Boho spirit very good!
Other ideas, what the Boho-chic Expands, and notes on his design features, see some of our digital assets on the market:











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