Valentine's Day: a 100% romantic holiday

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In Germany and many other countries is the 14th of February the day of Loving. Why and where does this come from tradition?

Already in antiquity, in Greece and ancient Rome, celebrations were celebrated in mid-February, which were dedicated to love and fertility. It seems that the Roman Catholic Church of these pagan customs, which were still practiced in the early Middle Ages in Rome (the Lupercales, who took place every year on 15 February in honor of the fertility god Faunus Lupercus), to counteract by they Feast of the Holy Valentin on February 14th introduced (there are no written records from this time that occupy this theory). But only in the early Middle Ages, the romantic love was associated with the Holy Valentin, who became the patron saint of the lovers.

There are several hypotheses about the identity of Valentin, because there are seven saints of this name celebrated on 14 February. One of the most likely that it was a Roman priest from the 3rd century, which was detained because he was secretly blessed during the rule of the pagan Emperor Claudius II of the Goten, who had banned this all men in the fighting age, secretary marriages . The legend states that Valentine met Augustine during his captivity, the blind daughter of his chairmaster, and playing the eyesight. He died 270 AD as a martyr in Rome and sent a message to Augustinus before his execution, which was signed with "your Valentin". The tradition goes back to this legend to send a love message on Valentine's Day. This custom first appeared in England in England in the 14th century and was brought to the French courtyard by Karl of Orleans. But only the end of the 15th century, Valentine's Day was officially explained to the holiday for lovers.

In Germany  Will this romantic tradition continued today and celebrated every year on 14 February of more than 60% of our citizens. On this day, give your favorite gifts to prove your love, such as the Red rose, A recognized symbol of passion.

In some countries, such. B. In the United States, Valentine's Day is not only a feast for lovers, but also for family members, friends, classmates, work colleagues and even pets. In fact, 21% of Americans give their pet a gift.

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