Our love for dried flowers

Our love for dried flowers


The history ofDried flowers blossomAbove all, a love story is for a village. Of the Place is mythical and inspires us daily: the Drying flowers is a tradition.

The flowers become in our Dried workshops: Thistles, Eucalyptus, Immortals, Hydrangea, Gypsophila, Achillea, Lavender, Limonium, Statice... so many different flowersThat we have selected because of their ability to stay beautiful while drying.

we create Dry bouquets in line with the seasons and offer Rural and Bohemian compositionswho a little bit of your interior Give poetry.

It was obvious, one Dry bouquet as a souvenir of a holiday or easy to To offer your home decoration. The choice of a Dry bouquet is also one Sustainable and responsible Decision: ours Bouquet can be several months On a dark and damp place be kept.

There is Dozens of occasionsto one Dry bouquet to give away: one date of birth, a joyful event, Valentine's Day, Christmas and of course Mother's Day. There are so many possibilities, your loved ones or yourself with one permanent dryer bouquet to spoil. All our packages can be provided with a nice note to express your feelings over your loved ones.

As you Dry bouquet put together


The development of their creativity is important. That's why we offer you our Dried flowers bouquet on to her Fantasy left out. You can your own Dry bouquets Make custom made. Our flowers In part are dried in our workshop in southern France. We benefit from the warmth and the sun's sun and the tramontane, which for the Drying the flowers is essential. We regularly ask new ones Flower Types Onlineto yours Bouquet To vary depending on the season and the availability of our local producers. It is a matter of honor for us to prefer local production as much as possible, because short distances are more environmentally friendly.

DriedflumenCollection for weddings


The idea, ours Dried flowers for their most beautiful events like Weddings, Birthday, To baptize, Communion and special occasions To use, was obvious. We have collections of Bridal groom, Dry flower rings, Chalkboard and Boutonnieres Designed that you can still keep after the big day.

How to get a dry bouquet


With a Dry bouquet If you can connect the pleasant to the useful one: it is not required to care for the Beauty of the bouquet to obtain.
The storage of Dried flowers is very simple: you do not need water or light! These immortal flowers Therefore, are excellent as a gift, also for one love people who have no greener thumb.
A Beautiful bouquet is a permanent giftwho has existed for years.
We have for a quick delivery of Dried flowers in Germany and Europe decided. you ostrich is safely transported in a tailor-made packaging.

Gift ideas

We offer regular new collections and seasonal Dry bouquets on to with the latest trends Keep up.

Our Bouquets are available in 3 sizesso that you can choose the ideal gift. We help our customers in finding the ideal giftby offering a selection Decorative accessories and regular new vases to offer. For the undecided is theDriedflowers Blossom Gift Card The warranty to find the right gift in our e-shop, the choice is completely left to you.

Dried flowers blossom On Instagram

All our news can be found on our Instagram account  @Trockenblumen_blossom . Our new bouquets, Bouquet, Vase, our Wedding- and Event collections, our Wreath and Table decorations. We stay close to our subscribers and answer all your questions. Our photos were in our studioRecorded, a place that inspires us every day and where we opened our business in 2020.

Our business workshop Dried flowers blossom

Our boutique was born in July 2020 in Karlsruhe, on this magical place, which has been spared the intense urbanization. This small studio is often compared to a mystical place. We were seduced by the unique atmosphere and the way of life of this place, ours Work and the creationswho we do are directly connected to him. So much color and inspiration for ours Bouquet. We try these feelings in the Compositions and associations from Dried flowersto reproduce that we suggest.

Our accessories

As in ourAtelier in Karlsruhe we also offer in our E-shop Accessories and others gifts around Dried flowers at. Candles with dried flowersto decorate and perfume your interiors, Tote Bag and Pink Dried Flower Bagto take a piece of our philosophy. Vaseto yours Favorite dried bouquets to bring to the decoration of your rooms, Garlands and flower curtains to the Decoration of your walls. Not to forget our tender wreaths, a true artworkto join Driedflowers Harmonic wall arrangements to accomplish.

Dried flowers blossom to measure


We also offer you the possibility of our Creations for occasions like yours Personalize weddings, a service that addresses your wishes to to offer unique creations. Your inquiries are by e-mail moon.blossom.day@gmail.com.com to be directed.

Thank you for your visit Dryblumen-Blossom.com

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