Drying bouquet for Christmas

Red and green handbound dried dry bouquet

I wanted an informal Dry bouquet with a Christmas Hold color palette and therefore decided for a gentle green of natural dried oat and wheat and some dark, but Beautiful natural Dried red roses. I have this with Dyed green and red lagurous grass and some bleached Stems of Ruscus leaves and ivory-colored phalaris grass Speed ​​up.


Drying bouquet for Christmas


Christmas flowers For bouquet production L-R: oats, ruscus, roses, phalaris, lagurus, wheat.

(The central bleached Poppy was in Phalaris bouquet found!)



dry flower stray

The binding of the bouquet

I chose a piece of discreet Nussbaumgarn to the Bondbut a big, flowery tartan band Would create a luxurious effect.


Drying bouquet for Christmas

Merry Christmas bouquet of dried flowers and grasses


Drying bouquet for Christmas


Tips for bouquet making

Remove the unsightly Leaves from the rosesbefore you use it.
Remove the leaves from the lower part of the stems of Ruscus and oats. So let yourself be tied and are more decent around the loop.
If you have the ostrich Compile, use each species a few stems at once - if you use only one stalk of each variety, it takes longer and acts more restless.
Be not too picky at the length of the stalks - Variations make the bouquet more interesting.
Make sure that the eye-catching elements (the brightest red, green and White tones) evenly about the ostrich are distributed.
Fit again and again new flowers and grasses until they do not flow blossoms and Grasses can hold more in your hand.
Hold the ostrich Temporarily together with a rubber band, while binding the loop.


Drying bouquet for Christmas


Dried Christmas rose bouquet detail

Merry Christmas to everyone :)



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