Drying bully for autumn

Autumn cranes

Dried flowers Autumn wreaths are an indispensable accessory for every door or maybe for your chimney?


Now that we approach the end of September, the morning will be a little cooler, and the Leaves on the trees begin, dye. I can mine Autumn cranes deliver nationwide now! Filled with Dried autumn leaves, seed heads, berries and grasses Are you a wonderful way to get the fall in your house.

Everyone Autumn wreath is different, but I have recorded three variants in my online shop. the dried autumn rays Can be shipped nationwide ...

Classic dried autumn wreath:

This dried wreath becomes with traditional, Warming autumn tones filled, such as e.g. Buchen and red foliage, Dried fern, Berries, wheat, grasses, limonium. The list can be continued arbitrarily! Imagine that every wreath varies slightly, but if you are for the Warming autumn wreath Decide, await red rotting, burned orange and copper tones in your wreath.


Drying bully for autumn



White and gray dried autumn wreath:

This Autumn wreath Will be filled with gray, white and steamed, neutral tones. So think about Pampasgras, Honesty, Limonium, reindeer moss, grasses ... a real mix of tonal foliage, seeds and grass! The pampasgras and the Dried rabbits make this wreath To a stylish supplement for every home.


Drying bully for autumn


Wheat ring:

A dried autumn wreath entirely of wheat, a nice, simple design, perfect for a farmhouse or a cozy country house. All Wreath can carefully Tissue paper packed and shipped nationwide. Order online here Dried flowers blossom shopBeing! The wreaths can also be in our flower shopbe collected. the dried wreaths are suitable for indoor or a verand door. The dried Elements are influenced by the weather and are therefore not suitable for outdoor use. the dried autumn rays Cost 55 Euros with shipping costs and the wheat rings 55 Euros.


Drying bully for autumn


Drying bully for autumn



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