Drying flowers and Eucalyptus: Fits this together?

Fit eucalyptus and dried flowers together?


Of course! We find that the good obtained eucalyptus Good to the Dry flowers fits. We show you which combinations are most beautiful. But how long is the Lifetime of Eucalyptus and where is the Best Eucalyptus?


With good preservation Eucalyptus is lasting for several years with appropriate care. If you love them and treat them carefully, they will Have a long joy in your dried flowers. Of the biggest advantage from Dried flowers is that you do not have to be cast.

That's why you have one Longer life as cut flowers. We tested that a humidity of about 50-60% has no effect on dried flowers has, not on eucalyptus. The humidity in the sleeping and living room is usually about 40%, even in the kitchen and bathroom, the humidity can be higher, as the cooking / shower water is 60-70%.

Another tip, so that Dry flowers have long joy: You should not touch you too much, because with every touch, body fat and water is transmitted. If Dust accumulated on the leaves, Just remove it with a brush. For example, you can use shoe brushes / brushes.


When are you spraying flowers with hair spray?

The secret weapon is simple and moving Commercial hair spray. Spray the hair spray before the Dry process In sufficient amounts (rather too much than too little) on the cut flowers. It is important that you have the whole Flower from the flower Envise with the hair spray until the end of the stem.


What can you do with dried eucalyptus?

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 Eucalyptus and dried flowers

Dried eucalyptus continue to use

Do you want the Dried eucalyptus leavesAs an ingredient use in the living room, you can leave it in leaf shape or cut small. Store the eucalyptus Best in dry rooms ...


Where are the best Eucalyptus branches are. We would say that we (in the subjective comparison with Online dealers) the best Sell ​​eucalyptus. Buy dried flowers: at Driedflumen-Blossom. Why? we Buy dried flowers directly from Italian fields. Advantages: Short transport routes and low prices.

There is Eucalyptus branches, for example from European regions such as Italy and Portugal. There you will dried, packed And brought to us. the blossom So do not last long. That's the difference between products from Asia or China. Normally, these flowers and branches smell a bit piercing.

We only sell high quality flowers. Quality means for us z. B. and the product should not have an unpleasant smell. Particularly Eucalyptus should smell very good! Dried and preserved It should keep it long and give pleasure. But please make your own photos.



Dried flowers seeds

Which flower suits Eucalyptus?

The best fit dried ruskus and Lagurus to Eucalyptus.

But Phalaris also looks great.

These flowers see wonderfully in one Drying bouquet with eucalyptus the end.

From a deep green Euka branch can be quickly a beautiful Drying bouquet conjure.

Simply the above mentioned above Dried flowers add to, suitable vase Select and finished is the perfect and Timeless decoration for at home.

We love eucalyptus, because he Modern and elegant, just timelessly looks nice.

How do I dry eucalyptus?

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In order to Eucalyptus holds even longer, you can do it completely Simply dry. Cut the Branches At the ends and bind them together with a band. It is best that Eucalyptus head over hung up dry.

Are you not a strauss fan?

How about a drywear wreath from Eucalyptus?

Tower wreath with dried flowers

Many customers buy theirs too eucalyptus Branches and then process them to one wreath.

the Wreath Are the absolute deco highlight for your door or wall in the living room.

Beware of the "location" search: you should think about where you can Tower wreath with dried flowers Hanging or placing.


How long does dried eucalyptus stop?

Preserved Eucalyptus Holding up to two years, unless he gets wet.
Accordingly, the "place of residence" of the eucalyptus Well chosen.
In a bathroom is one Strauss or door wreath Do not hold as long as in a living room.

Background: The humidity is higher in the bathroom, more we had already run above.
Generally Dried flowers Durable through a tincture of glycerol.

Glycerin sounds chemically and scary?
Do not worry, the substances used are harmless and non-toxic.
You should not eat flowers so or so.
At this point but still as a note: Drying flowers should not eat.

By the Preserve Hold the individual branches very long.
It is important to note that the preservation of the smell can increase.
However, our customers comment on this as not disturbing.


Can dry flowers shimmish?

the Dried flowers Need air. The problem is that you can adapt to you on the drive and thus can take a slightly changed form. ... even if it is Dried flowers acts, you can be a bit tender. You must not get wet, otherwise mold can obey.


Are dry flowers bad?

Dried flowers If the correct care is theoretically eternal forever, unless the following points take into account. the Dried flowers Feel especially well on a quiet and dry place. There, your new favorites can not happen.

Normally dried flowers Six months to one year. Since you do not need water, you do not have to look after you anymore.

Where do you get dried flowers?


the Standard flowers or "normal" dried flowers There are now often in the city;
However, the selection is Eucalyptus online far bigger.
eucalyptus For sale goes very simple: Check out the different options in the Dried flowers Search.

Dried flowers get their online and offline, i.
e.g. in the city.
Dried flowers There are now in many stores in the city center, but here is the selection mostly less than online.
Also is the quality the dried flowers Rather worse, as the flowers are moving and touched more.

The purchase usually takes place there in large quantities and with long supply chains abroad.
An alternative to buying in the city are small specialists on the internet.
For example, we are one Driedflumen expertwho with love and handwork the Best flowers from Europe Shop and process selective.


How long is a bouquet of flowers?

Cut flowers Should take a pleasure for at least a week. And that works mostly, if you stop at a few rules: the way home should be short. Flowers do not like heat, so please do not leave long in the car. but Dry bouquet Keep eternal ...😉




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