Dried flowers - dried flowers

Dried flowers - dried flowers are currently one of the most sought after furnishing trends at all!


They fill our INSTA feeds like nothing else! The trend to dried Flowers started with the wedding flowerswhere Pampasgras and dried foliage In large bows and Bridal bouquet Mandatory. In the meantime, this trend has also been in our apartments and ours Gifts Looked out!


Dried flowers dried flowers


There is so much Selection for the dried flowers. I worked with more natural elements, but Dried flowers Can be colored in all sorts of colors! I would like some of the Dry bouquetsI have currently on offer to share with you on the blog!


dried flowers


I have mixed Dry bouquets made with these magnificent elements. From left to right we have honesty, a nice, transparent stem, which grows first in green, then to this amazing, Dry pearly flowers. In conjunction with the Right floral combination Can she also look for weddings! Then we have that Pampasgrasthat you will see everywhere! Imagine it in one vase or with ours Mixed dried beaches here. It can really be one floral statement be!


Dried flowers - dried flowers


Next we have Bunny, Ahhh these are the Sweetest grasses and I also sell them in individuals StripBeing! These fluffy, blonde, structured grasses remember Bunny... therefore the name! Also see these grasses in Wedding flowers Great and provide for structure in Streams and buttonholes. After all, I still have on my workbench Ruskus. This becomes bleached to get this amazing pure white color, and I'm sure you will agree with that the combination looks really fantastic!


Dried flowers - dried flowers


Here are mine Dried bouquets, All wrapped in brown paper! The perfect gift for you yourself or someone else. The prices are 30 euros for the delivery, and the Bunny Costs 12.50 per ostrich. Pampasgras costs 5 per stalk, and usually 5 stems fit well into a bouquet, so this30 euros for delivery costs. Simply order on-lineto your own personal bouquet Dried flowers to order!

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