Dried flowers, the essential beauty accessory for brides

Dried flowers, the essential beauty accessory for brides


As you may have noticed, are Dried flowers an ultra-trendy beauty accessory for brides in 2020. As you could see on the catwalks of New York Bridal Week, this enthusiasm does not decrease, quite the contrary, and Dry flowers in her hair are probably the indisputable beauty of detail Wedding season its 2020th

Dried flowers are the perfect way to real flowers gently stuck in her hairWithout the risk that they wilt. That stabilization process is to replace the juice of freshly cut plants with a solution of glycerin base. Through this technique, the flowers retain their ephemeral beauty for years.

Diana, a pioneer in the Field of dried flowers, Was the first designer who has introduced this innovative procedure in the world of weddings. bring for over fifteen years Bouquets, crowns, pins, ornaments, decorations... made entirely of Dried flowers are produced, A new concept of delicacy and freshness, to the delight of brides last long. Diana mastered this technique perfectly and designs perfectly customizable creations with an exclusive packaging system that allows the dispatch of these delicate compositions in the world.


dried flowers vase

In the last one or two years this concept has become more popular, and more and more Brides interested in this timeless flowers. Dried flowers offer many advantages in the World of wedding and are the ideal flowers solution for different types of brides:

The bride all day at their floral accessories want to enjoy, without running the risk that they wither (especially when this beautiful day takes place in mid-summer);
The bride, the more or less knows exactly what Dry Flower Arrangement would like to have it and do not want any nasty surprise on the morning of her wedding.

The bride who marries abroad or far away from home and the delivery of their flower can not easily coordinate;
The brideThat their Wedding Accessories want to keep as a wonderful family memory.


dry flower stray

Diana is praised every year of hundreds of brides for its professionalism and creativity. With enthusiasm and passion, the creator devote Wish every brideThat in their Role as Queen for a day, the best thing would be. be renewed again this year and expanded Diana Selection of dried flowers and leavesTo the brides of the year to meet 2020 the myriad of the benefits of Dried flowers are convinced.


Dry bouquet

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