Dried flowers blossom - a warm greeting

Dried flowers blossom - a warm greeting


Hello and a warm welcome in our Driedflumen-BlossomDried flowers blog. My name is Diana and I am the founder of Driedflumen-Blossom in Karlsruhe. With our blog I would like to give you an insight into our more colorfulBlossom dried flowers Get the world and with the best tips and trends around the topic Dried flowers and decorating supply.

I am capital Mama of 4 wonderful children, single mum and entrepreneur with passion. In addition to the enterprise of Driedflumen-BlossomI founded during the pandemic 2020, I have another job, namely as assistant.

A Durable decoration of a beautiful home or event. at Driedflumen-Blossom you get wonderful Dry bouquetswhich are specifically bound to your order.

Of course, also count Bridal bouquet In addition, we lovingly put together for our brides. If we just when Theme Wedding are. Our strengths include u.a. also the Decoration of a whole wedding, starting with the Flower girl to trend Boho bowswho are a great photoprocess. We also manufacture Magic pieces of jewelry at.

How about then with a beautiful dry flower wreath?


For your beautiful home we offer Dryer rays Any kind of, e.g. Wall or door ringsespecially for you Dried grasses and flowers tied become, but also seasonal wreaths e.g. The typical Advent wreath or Easter wreath. Our lush Dry flower arrangements Embellish every corner of your home.

For all DIY fans we have magical Dried flowers- and Dry flower box In the assortment that your crafts or Dechear Beat immediately. Gladly browsing in our Dry flower shop And discovers the special.

And if you have no time and desire Pick flowers and dry flowers, you are exactly right with me. Because Dried flowers blossom Is your specialist for Drying flowers of all kinds.

In the webshop you will always find selected with love Dried flowers and dried grasses in nature or dyed. These are ideal for self-decorate. For "not talented" hobblers or for those who have little time, there are in my Dry flower shop magical Floral arrangements in the form of wreaths, loops, strokes and many other decorations.

You should not do the right thing in Dry flower shop Can you be written to me at any time or also like to call and describe your desired ideas. Of course, I can only create a great arrangement for you.

If you do not find the right one, gladly writes us or just calls through.

There is nothing we can not conjure you.

Well then, have fun and up to soon,

Your Diana from Driedflumen-Blossom

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