Hang dry flowers

Dried flowers For hanging can be used in a variety of ways, and you are becoming increasingly popular to decorate your home with it and integrate in handmade crafting work.

No matter if you Dried flowers Use to hang around your house in Country style to decorateor if you are a modern Decoration topic to have, Dried flowers and greeners are the last scream.

If Drying flowers in pretty And unexpected vases arranged, creates a really beautiful picture. you will be Dried flowers to add to your entire device.


Dried flowers are particularly good for Handyman and crafting works, such as:

  • Make DIY paper
  • Wrapping paper
  • Handmade cards
  • Wreath handcraft
  • Scrapbooking
  • in handmade jewelry
  • resin
  • Candle production
  • Soap production
  • Production of bathing bombs
  • In bath salts and scrubs

There are so many possibilities, Dried flowers in all your decoration and home factors Include. You can Dried flowers Also hang for pastries or accents on pies and cupcakes! The ideas are endless.

Let's look at how to Dried flowers Depends and how well the method of hanging the integrity, Form and color of flowers preserves.


How to hang flowers for drying

Harvest Her flowers At the beginning of the heyday, unless you want to unopened the flowers; In this case, reap shortly before opening.
Looking for a dark place where you Flowers for drying can hang up and who is not disturbed by children or pets. A cellar, a closet or another darker (and quieter) place.
Collect your Flowers to small strokesYou can hang if you want to put it in a vase. Otherwise, they hang the dry Floral stalks Individually, to keep her shape.
Tie the Floral stems with natural twine of Amazon together (you can also use this twine for the flower presentation).
Hang the dried flowers Head over 2 weeks without disturbing them.


Hang dry flowers


That Drying flowers in the air is particularly suitable good for flowerswhich are not particularly sensitive.

the Best flowers To hang, to get color and shape are

  • Roses
  • Rose nos
  • Clucks,
  • Gerber daisies
  • lavender
  • Amaranth
  • Fog
  • Bullet
  • Bellflower
  • Herbs
  • hydrangea
  • sage
  • Beach thistle
  • Straw
  • yarrow

There are many Flowerswho are outstanding dry are suitable on the ceiling. The best way to find out, is to try it yourself, and you can even in a notebook Drying flowers hold tight! (See the magazines and notebooks for Drying flowers in dried flower shop here).
That Drying flowers There is a lot of time in the air (if you look at a few weeks as long), but that Drying flowers in the air supplies Beautiful results and flowers for scorecke, Wreath and other Artistic and decorative purposes.

There are other methods to To dry flowers, z. B. in the microwave, by pressing or with silica gel.
If you are interested in flowers fast, d. H. Still to dry the same day, you should get this practical small device for Drying flowers View in the microwave. It is said Microfleur.

Of the Microfleur is a patented design made in the USA. It works with any conventional microwave and is to press the flowers between two plates, put them in the microwave and press on start.

use this Microfleur Again and again for fast dried flowers With amazing color farming. There is him in two sizes.


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