Top 5 tattoos for the boho look!

Top 5 tattoos for the boho look!


Would you like your Boho personality Underline and give your wardrobe some liveliness? Why not even try temporary tattoos for women? at Dried flowers blossomFind everything you need for a completely unconventional and timeless style. And it's not just a garment in your wardrobe. Your tattoos will be so festive that you believe you were there!

The shoulder with a floral tattoo elegant


Top 5 tattoos for the boho look!


The sun returns, the heat, luck ... it's time to take off the long-sleeved knit swell! they pull Boho dresses On, sandals or paragraphs, sleeveless tops with stripes showing their naked shoulders. the Spring and summer season Seduced to use color, festivity and releasing. Would you like to bring another feature of your personality, but do not know how to do it? Dried flowers blossomis there for you. After your navel piercing, you can seduce from a fleeting tattoo for women with black or colored pigments.

If you still read this here, you're probably looking forward to Colorful tattooBeing! Easy, lightweight and representative, the Floral motiveswho can accompany it reflect the best in them! Whether you stay at home, go for a walk or on Beach Swimming, you can not stop admiring this tattoo that beautifies your shoulder! With a light, rounded line, the tattoo anchors in your shoulder and awakens there for life. the Color pink Lets you look better too; They are ready to enjoy this new season in the beauty of women's fashion, in joy and self-consciousness to start.

A tattoo that underlines its simplicity


Top 5 tattoos for the boho look!


It is the beginning of a lane evening with good weather. They carry a flowing cotton skirt and a short-sleeved lace t-shirt, and the wind blows them around the ears. From nature from adventurous, they long for ease and finesse. As a lover of life they go without hesitation. Loneliness is not a problem for you, because it allows you to develop without the help of others. But today, Dear Boho, we want to help you redefine your freedom.

As tattoo lovers, they hesitate to offer the other works on their skin a companion. atDried flowers blossom is each Temporary tattoo There are even more beautiful than you are already. Decide for a tattoo with fine, light lines that reflects your personality. In black reminds a design with a delicate, subtle foliage to her simplicity and love for nature. So you are more willing to experience a nice, relaxing spring evening.

Meet their soulmate, just like these tattoos his or her own meeting


Top 5 tattoos for the boho look!


Love. A word that is so easy, but also so complex. You are looking for your soulmate, or maybe you have found him or you already found. In any case, it's a feeling that it deserves to be used. as Bohemianwho loves the simple things of life make them the best of it. They live from day to day, without fear of the future. A long walk, you and your long Boho dress, Put yourself in a bubble that belongs only to you; mutual love is not one of your main concerns. If you are happy in your marriage, share so many moments as possible with your partner. Enjoy the time together as much as the time you spend alone. They are willing to give up the taste of freedom, to make room for her union and to share your bohemian setting. Alone or with others, the feeling of love is no less beautiful.

So it's just like our Bohemian tattoos in all sizes! If you are left to themselves and are satisfied with the situation, why do you describe not artisticWhat mutual love means to you? Is it simple or complex? If you are your soul mate, then love is much more complex than you think. Heart in the middle of intertwined lines, such as drawings, the beginning and end meet at any point, that's your definition of a common love. In good company: Michelangelo is your inspiration. Their common tattoo with your Adam reflects not only one of the frescoes painter resist, but also the complicity in your relationship. The two fingers of lovers who meet, stand for finesse and eleganceFor the delicacy and Romance of the couple.



Top 5 tattoos for the boho look!


A touch of lightness on the skin, even if you have a high-waisted pants with straps, a Seidentanktop and linen jacket wear. In the middle of a walk you are left to themselves. Looking for ambitious objectives for your future, you can feel the wind in your nose, even if you're wearing your sneakers. Overlooking the ocean Think about your difficult life after and hope to finally forget about it and make a better future course. You are looking for new jobs, meet new people, but to no avail. They are desperate for a way to look like a butterfly to escape, to be happy, for a solution that represents your state of mind and your strength.

You are from the Bird Tattoo done. The wrist is the first place that comes to mind. Not to take the star as a model, but to convince yourself that you are ready like a Phoenix reborn to become. Think of your favorite frilly dress that may accompany them on this journey. Each tattoo has a story, write your own. They want to show that you have grown up, that they have learned to overcome your fears and weaknesses. The tattooed onto the skin birds prove that you are going day by day forward without fear of tomorrow. They have accepted the relaxed look, they are quiet, yet Free and Female.



Top 5 tattoos for the boho look!


Not all tattoos are designed in classic black ink, and that's a good thing! Although the black ink is drawn on the skin, and has been beautifully Henna may look, who would reject a tattoo that is both soft colorful is? Discretion then takes a different turn, and this type of tattoo is not synonymous with vulgarity, as one might sometimes think. It depends on the design, a few motifs that accompany it, the tattooed spot and especially on the size. Some Bohemian Prints are perfect to emphasize your hands! So what are you waiting to have a tattoo on this pleasant part of the body?

You can select a delicate hand work in pink and purple colors to a summer and printed atmosphere to accomplish. Ideal for spending a few days on a festival. They fit the colors of the event and have a great time! With a tattoo on the hands you will be the most sensual woman on the festival be! Fancy designs also accompany their fingers, which of course you can enable them with our jewelry by they Boho rings insert. What could be better than all of your values ​​and those ofDried flowers blossomcorrespond to?

Dear Bohemi, We thank you for your trust and your loyalty. We hope that ours Collection of Bohemian Tattoos you new ideas for one permanent tattoo Give! Choose your outfits carefully, which are available in different cuts, in large sizes and for all women. A loose, uniform shirt, a waisted beige blouse, a checkered blouse, one khakif Blazer, one Ecru color Suit, navy jeans with belt, a few pumps ... Combine with your tattoos! But above all, you should carefully select your tattoo artist. We count on that you underline your femininity on all occasions!




Bouquet dried flowers


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